Tired of getting cold feet in your ski boots?


Ah skiing... the snow, the sun, the joy of skiing, the amazing sceneries... and your feet getting cold. A never ending problem that we all know and that can definitely ruin your skiing day! Wed'ze unvails its best tips to keep your feet warm while skiing!


Did you know: why do we get our feet cold when skiing?


The body is quite an extraordinary machine. Its main goal is to preserve our most important organs like the heart, the brain or the lungs, in order to keep us alive. So as soon as the cold threatens to reach them, it preserves us by sending more blood towards them, to keep them warm. Hence the blood vessels of the extremities (hands, feet, nose...)retract so the blood that usually keeps them warm cannot arrive and can be redirected to the internal organs...

TIP N°1: regarding your ski boots, do the right choice!


When choosing your ski boots, bear in mind two important criteria: thick inner and outer soles to get a good insulation and the right shoe size. Obvious, you think? Not that much! you will have to consider the shape as much as the size, because you shouldn't feel any pressure on your feet in your ski boots. Evident me direz-vous ? Pas tant que ça ! Le choix se fera tant sur la pointure que sur la forme, car vos chaussures ne doivent pas comprimer votre pied, que ce soit en largeur ou en épaisseur. Between Wed'ze's tips on how to choose the right ski boots and the expertise of our Decathlon advisors, you will find the ski boot that fits!


TIP N°2: the right adjustment of your ski boots will help to keep your feet warm


When the time comes to head for the ski slopes, make sure your ski boots are well adjusted, so you feel secure but not too tight, otherwise you might get your feet cold by stopping the blood stream. Our advice: gradually adjust your ski boots, giving time to your feet and your boot to adapt to each other. First descent, tighten just the minimum, second descent tighten a little bit more... until you get the right balance between a secure fit and comfort.

TIP N°3: it's the sock that really matters...


As for the socks, the more is not the merrier: one good sock will always be better than three socks on top of each other, risking to squeeze your foot in the ski boot... When going for a pair of socks, think heat and breathable, so they will stay dry even in the heat of a great skiing day! The technical models, made with synthetic fabrics, are the best.

TIP N°4: you will always have it under your feet...


The heating sole is the best asset for every cold sensitive feet. The must? the ones with a battery, so you always have warmth at hand... well, at your feet. Also comes specifically for the toes.

TIP N°5 : shift, move, jump... warm up!


Nothing better to warm up thant to... move! Wiggle your toes inside your ski boots anytime you can when on the ski lifts, or throw your leg back and forth before going downhill, jump on the spot from one foot to the other, are good little exercises you can practice any time to sustain a good blood stream in your feet.

Wed'ze's tip


When returning from a good day skiing in the cold, plunge your feet in hot water with essential oils in front of a nice fire to warm you up and end the day in peace.


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