The Swatch Skiers Cup is back in Zermatt and the show certainly is on...

January 2014 is here and yet no sign of this “coldest ever winter” that everyone was predicting (well, at least not in Europe). It is hot, way too much for the season, and the snow cover shows it. However, this didn’t prevent the Swatch Skiers Cup from coming back to Zermatt, in Switzerland, for a new battle between Team Americas and Team Europe, led respectively by JP Auclair and Julien Reignier, no less than that. And Team Americas just scored the first point by winning the Backcountry Slopestyle course on this Tuesday, 7th of January 2014.


Cody Towsend and the Matterhorn Photo:©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard
Cody Towsend and the Matterhorn
Photo:©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard


The poster is quite promising with, among others, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Richard Permin, Cody Townsend, Kevin Guri, Sam Favret, Dane Tudor or even Seth Morrison. From either side of the Atlantic, the big guns are present, and each team can count on skiers as verstiles as they are talented to run the competition.


A competition that we feared would be cancelled because of the poor snow and weather conditions of the start of this 2014 winter season. Heat, a very unstable snow cover and an unpredictable weather led Samuel Anthamatten, moutain guide, extreme skier from Zermatt and in charge of the security on the event, to postpone the Big Moutain course that was originally scheduled on Sunday.


 Samuel Anthamatten en pleine inspection du manteau neigeux Photo : ©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard
 Samuel Anthamatten inspecting the snow cover
Photo: ©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard


That’s how the two Teams ended up on the starting line of the Backcoutnry Slopestyle competition today for 2 rounds of head-to-head runs with one rider of each team. And if at first round the team mates of the Old Continent made their way to the top, with Nicolas Vuignier (Suisse) winning over Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (USA) while Richard Permin (FRA) was taking over Dane Tudor (USA), in the end it is teh Team Americas that won on the final score of 9 to 7.


Sam Favret se prépare à tout donner sur le Backcountry Slopestyle Photo : ©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard
Sam Favret is preparing to give everything on the Backcountry Slopestyle
Photo: ©Swatch Skiers Cup/Jeremy Bernard


But nothing is yet lost, or won, as there is still the Big Mountain course to run on Thursday 9th of January 2014. And we bet the Team mates of Julien Reignier will give everything to keep the precious trophy on the continent. To be continued…

Emily - EN