The snowboard innovations are here!


So what’s new at Wed’ze snowboards this winter? You already have an idea as we previewed some details in our last E-magazine. Now that these products are already available in store and on, we can give you more about the features. And there really is something for everyone, every kind of rider and every kind of fun!




Designed to help new riders learn quicker so they can zoom off on every kind of snow, our Woogy snowboard has a flat camber to combine powerful grip with easy carving. Its innovative directional shape with a double turn radius and soft flex makes it very comfortable to carve long turn sequences. Tested and approved by a lot of instructors and beginners, our Woogy snowboard corrects edging errors and guarantees better grip and stability on flat runs. Ideal for getting off on the right foot!



Daybreak. The Snowboard for Girls.

A beautiful innovation, specifically designed for girl riders looking to improve and feel at ease everywhere on the mountain. Daybreak is versatile with very precise grip. Classic camber for grip along the whole board. Directional shape for control and easy turning. A soft fun board but with all the grip you need.


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