Snow and weather forecast for the holidays: we tell you everything!

You haven't skied yet? And you intend on enjoying the winter break on the slopes? Well good for you, the snow is back on the pistes so you can have fun skiing.


la météo des vacances by Wed'ze février 2017

Snow in altitude


The Southern Alps will rapidly take advantage of this new snow coming in since 40 cm of snow are forecasted to fall on the early days of the winter break. This snow fall will quick enough head to the North of the Alps and should hit the all of the Alps with quite a lot of snow.


Numerous snow falls are forecasted for the rest of the month as well. With temperatures a bit higher than what we have experienced during this icy cold month of January, hence allowing snow falls and freeze at night, this should bring a new start to this season. Moreover, the temperatues should drop a little bit by the end of the month, which will consolidate the snow pack. 


In short, when weather might vary between snow and rain in the resort centres, the pistes that are higher in altitude (above 1500m) will benefit from quality and abundant snow.


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What to expect regarding snow quality?


With more snow coming, and some rain too, along with higher temperatues when the sun is out, it is diffcult to say exactly what the condition of the snow will be dunring the month of February. 

Fresh snow will allow the pistes to be well groomed and so you should enjoy really a nice time on the sloped. However, you will have ot be careful outside the slopes, where the snow cover might be unsufficient to cover the rocks and allow good powder skiing.


My advice for you to get the best out of your holidays? Check the weather forecast regularly for snow falls and temperatures; a,d adapt your equipment and program for the day accordingly. For the best of day, go skiing early so you will take advantage of the freshly groomed snow on the slopes.


la météo des vacances by Wed'ze février 2017

Bad weather on the forecast? Don't worry, mountains holidays are not just about skiing!


Afraid you will get bored if the weather is not good, or you don't want to spend the day long on the slopes? Luckily, mountains and ski resorts are not just about skiing.


Afternoons count many hours, some of which can be dedicated to a Spa treatment, some diving in a pool or enjoying relaxation in a hot tub.


Cinéma, bowling, board games with the family are also activities you can perfectly enjoy, especially if there's a fireplace and hot chocolate around. 


Well, for those who can't get enough of the snow, sleding never gets old. Good times to share with everyone, no matter the age or the weather! 


la météo des vacances by Wed'ze février 2017

As you have probably understood, February will be a nice month to be on the slopes. Snow and sun will be there when needed, and you will be able to really enjopy some time off in the mountains, with friends and family. 

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader