ski on the most incredible slopes with wed'ze

Ski on the most incredible slopes

All over Europe, unusual slopes attract snowsports aficionados from around the world. Are you looking for somewhere special to experience new skiing sensations? Discover slopes that are like no other.

The must-ski slopes


Sarenne in l’Alpe d’Huez, the longest (France)

Sarenne is simply the longest slope in Europe. 16 km long with an altitude difference of 1830 metres, over one hour of downhill skiing in a wild and authentic environment. From the start of the Pic Blanc summit, the view is a sensation in itself.


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The Steif in Kitzbühel, the mythical slope (Austria)

It is legendary due to its crazy altitude difference of 800 m where everyone can reach maximum speed and show off spectacular jumps. Vertiginous and steep, it isn't easy for the average skier, but the slope attracts and stimulates a good many skiers seeking an adrenaline rush. One of the flagship competitions of the downhill skiing world cup is held there.


The Lauberhorn in Wenger, the most sensational (Switzerland)                             

The Lauberhorn is also on the skiing world cup programme and is renowned for being one of the most sensational in the world. Great care must be taken in difficult passages, rocks, 90° bends and a narrow tunnel under an aqueduct.,. These parts are of course for very best skiers only, with good mountain experience.


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L’aiguille Rouge in Les Arcs, the symbol of the Alps (France)

Imagine stepping out of the cable car and setting eyes on the Swiss, French and Italian Alps. Welcome to the start of the Aiguille Rouge slope, on the rooftops of the Alps. One of the longest and also one of the most beautiful and wild descents starts here.


The most “natural” slopes


Gazelle aux Gets, the most powder (France)
With its snowpark and exceptional view, a 100% powder ride (it is never groomed), some portions at over 60% overlooking the skiing area, it is simply a must-ski slope!


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Le mont Fort in Verbier, the wildest (Switzerland)
On the Swiss side of the border, the Mont Fort slope attracts skiers who are passionate about powder, with its panoramic view of the Mont-Blanc, the mythical Cervin and Swiss Alps. Marked as a black slope, but not groomed, it is the most beautiful and certainly the hardest in the resort.


Chabrières in Vars, the fastest (France)

With a maximum slope at 98%, the Chabrière slope is listed as the fastest in the world. Indeed, this is where the Italian Simone Origone beat the world speed record, reaching 252 km/h over the 500 metres of altitude difference! A performance we advise against trying to beat


The steepest slopes  


Harakiri in Mayrhofen in Austria; Nera Cervino in Zermatt-Cervinia (Switzerland/Italy); the "Grand Couloir" in Courchevel and the "Tunnel" in Alpe d’Huez… these are the evocative names of the steepest slopes in Europe. Not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced, these mythical slopes will give the shivers to those who love unending fields of bumps and ski down icy walls without hesitation.


skier sur des pistes incroyables avec Wed'ze


Height and endurance, views and speed, steepness and performance, these slopes await you for a day unlike any other. Be careful, watch out and train enough before attempting them.

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