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Uh, the Autumn ! What a beautiful season. Some will say it’s sad, it’s rainy, the days get shorter and the cold is coming, but we will tell you it’s exciting, the cold is coming and it smells like snow and winter. And it’s the right time to think about your next ski holidays. Yes, but then, where, and why ? We will tell you here regularly about the resorts that we like, why, and the offers they have standing. Starting today with Tignes.


Photo credit: Emily Rouet

And this is not the first time that we tell you about Tignes. We have told you about the Glacier and the fact that, apart from a few weeks in the Spring and in the Autumn, just to let the employees take some days off, this gigantic resort is always open.


Tignes never goes for small and quiet when it comes to parties..
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Although it some may fin dit better to go there in Summer or in Winter, when the resort is fully open and all the hotels, bars, restaurants adn shops are open, Tignes is really a great destination all year round to get some rest, go mountaineering, enjoy the glacier or the wellness amenities spread around the resort. Indoor swimming pool, spa, massages, ice lake fishing or diving, ski joering, ski touring, tennis or even golf course, Tignes has everything Cannes, Arcachon and Cahmonix reunited could offer. Event the celebrities…


But most of all, not only has Tignes an impressive skiing resort with impressive ski lifts equipements, it has the offer of the week : for any reservation of an accomodation and ski passes package for 4 people of one week between the 4th of Januray and the 6th of February 2014, Tignes Reservation offers the 4th 6 days ski pass.


Those dates being roght before school holidays, it would give you the chance to get the whole resort for yourself only… almost !


Picture yourself, alone on the slopes in January…
Photo credit: Emily Rouet

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