News from Marie : 5th at Copper Mountain, and already on her way to the Dew Tour.

Marie Martinod was once a rising star. Then she was a star in the sky. And then she disappeared from the scene, to live another life, the life of a friend, a wife, a mother. But now she is back, and has been on skis for two years, two years that she has spent in the Wed’ze Team, and she has made us dream ever since. So we have decided to share a little bit of that dream with you.


Copper Mountain’s Pipe only waits for Marie. Photo : Marie Martinod
Copper Mountain’s Pipe only waits for Marie.
Photo : Marie Martinod


Since her return, Marie hasn’t stopped being noticed. With her Superpipe Gold Medal at the 2013 European X-Games last March. And with every point she has earned on the world’s best freestyler score board. we have been following her step by step in her adventures, her disappointments and her victories, supporting her, and we thought we could share with you some of these sensations, these feelings of joy, fear, tiredness and happiness that she takes through along the way.


Marie at Copper Mountain Photo : Marie Martinod
Marie at Copper Mountain
Photo : Marie Martinod


Last week, from the 6th to the 8th of December 2013, Marie was competing in Superpipe at Copper Mountain, at the North Face Park and Pipe Open Series, on of the big events of the Freestyle season, ranked gold in teh AFP calendar. A big challenge, with a lot of points to win. With a very good qualification run, Marie finishes 5th of the finals. A great achievement, event if you could thnik that, with a run as good as the one of the qualifications, she would have had a better grade.


Crédit photo : Marie Martinod
Marie takes full of energy at breakfast, doing like the locals…
Photo : Marie Martinod


But no time for Marie to ask too many questions as she already has to be on her way to Breckenridge, still in the USA and still in the Colorado State, to show what she is capable of at Dew Tour, starting Wednesday 12th of December. We will of course follow Marie through this important competition and let you know what happens next.


In the meantime, join Marie on Facebook to follow her adventures live.

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