Meanwhile, in Park City… The Frenchies enjoy the ride and get on the podiums !

This 18th of January 2014 was a celebration day of freeskiing at Park City Mountain Resort with the 2nd U.S Grand Prix of the season in slopestyle and halfpipe. A big event for all the competing athletes as it is a platinum event of the AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) calendar, which counts for the overall ranking crowning each year the world champions of Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air. A “rendez-vous” no athlete could miss and an amazing show for the public.


Photo : ©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing

Best of conditions for Keri Herman
Photo: ©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing


All the conditions were met for the competition to be perfect and for everyone to enjoy the moment, athletes as well as public. In the perfectly shaped and groomed Halfpipe, the best of the bests went over their heads, reaching for the sky, doing their most technical and impressive tricks, and offered a breathtaking show. And the Frenchies got on the podiums, with Kevin Rolland winning the Halfpipe competition for the men, and Marie Martinod and Anaïs Caradeux who did respectively 2nd and 3rd behind Maddie Bowman (USA), for the ladies.


Photo : ©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing
Photo:©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing


And what about Simon Dumont (USA), who insisted on finishing his run despite his knee injury ? Probably his way of saying goodbye to his fans and to the competition, the last run of his season and his career as an international freeskiing competing athlete. After quite a few years on the podiums and running from one competition to another, Simon Dumont walks away from the spotlights, but we surely hope to see him soon back with new projects.


Les Frenchies sur les podiums Photo : ©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing
The Frenchies on the podiums
Photo: ©Sarah Brunson/U.S Freeskiing


Everything went smoothly for this U.S Grand Prix, where everyone was able to get the right dose of trust and motivation before the beginning of the X-Games in Aspen this Wednesday, Januray 21st, and the rest of the big Freeski events of the season.


Ladies Halfpipe results Park City :

1- Maddie Bowman (USA) 92.20
2- Marie Martinod (FRA) 89.80
3- Anais Caradeux (FRA) 84.80


Men Halfpipe results Park City :

1- Kevin Rolland (FRA) 94.40
2- Alexander Ferreira (USA) 93.80
3- Lyman Currier (USA) 91.0

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