Marie Martinod, a season colored in bronze, silver and gold.


Away from the freeski scene since 2007, Marie Martinod made a pretty remarkable come back in 2013. One must believe that taking time for herself, to build a life outside of skiing, filled her with an unfailing energy. With the title of Ski Half Pipe Olympic Vice Champion, a Gold Medal at the 2013 Tignes X-Games, a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Aspen X-Games, a fulfilling partnership with the international brand Wed’ze  and a heart of gold, the French female freestyler gave us, in about a year, the best moments feminine freestyle skiing has known in quite a few years. Little oversight of a totally unexpected but completely wonderful come back.


Marie and her fans at her event “Air Ladies” in Tignes ©Tignes/Tristan Shu
Marie and her fans at her event “Air Ladies” in Tignes
©Tignes/Tristan Shu


When Marie needed to step back in 2007, she simply stop skiing. She had been on all the competitions of the circuit by then, and had won several titles. It seemed to her she had to stop there her life in skiing. She started another life, with her family and her friends, away from freestyle skiing, competitions, and the non stop schedule of an athlete’s life.


The Sotchi silver medal that goes with the title of ski half pipe vice-champion ©Emily Rouet
The Sotchi silver medal that goes with the title of ski half pipe vice-champion
©Emily Rouet


Then, on the 6th of May 2011, Half Pipe skiing is officially announced to become an Olympic discipline. With just a little help from her best friend and freestyle skier to finish to convince her, Marie decides she will get back on skis and enter the Olympic competition. Supported by Greg Guenet, the coach, mental trainer, with her man and her daughter, Marie gets back to enjoying skiing, and with it she finds her victory groove back. A first gold medal at the 2013 Tignes X-Games, just a few months after she returned to skiing, to put a smile on her face, and there she goes to conquer the world. Well at least, the world of feminine half pipe skiing.


After her good results at the start of the season (see some of our news about Maire this season) and her bronze medal at the Aspen winter X-Games, Marie arrives in Sotchi to live her Olympic dream. She held the promise she made to herself to go represent France at the Olympic Games. Everyone who believed in her and supported her are proud they have been there for her, and a little anxious to see how far she will go. But for Marie, the most important is to live this unique miment to the fullest, and have no regrets.


Marie, smiling, wearing the outfit she co-developped with Wed’ze, upon her return from Sotchi ©Emily Rouet
Marie, smiling, wearing the outfit she co-developped with Wed’ze, upon her return from Sotchi
©Emily Rouet


And Marie blows the score in Sotchi by taking home the title of ski half pipe Olympic Vice-Champion. Back form Sotchi, she throws an event, The Tignes Air Ladies, in honor of Sarah Burke with the goal to rais emoney for the foundation going by her name, and which helps the sport to live and grow, so that young athletes can actually enter a professional career. And, without any fuss, she wins the SFR Tour.


Relentless, Marie has energy to give also outside of the pipe. That’s how she co-develops numerous skiing equipments with Wd’ze, the French Brand that has been supporting her since her return on skis, as she entered with them a real technical partnership. After freestyle skis, that were mostly made according to the features she wanted them to have, Marie has been testing on the field jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, helmets, in real conditions so as to know their potential and weaknesses. It is because she puts the best of herself in this partnership, delivering real  experience and feedback, that Wed’ze is able to deliver to the largest number skiing equipments worthy of the greatest athletes.


Hoewever, Marie isn’t making any big plans. After a season so rich, full of emotions, adventures and encounters, just back from Sotchi, there, on the terrace of the Panoramic in Tignes, a few hours from the kick off of her event, her Olympic medal on the table, we were very pleased to see Marie while she confided:


“I am full of energy, and the more I do, the more I am able to channel this energy. Doing sports, but also by throwing this event in honor of Sarah, with the support of Tignes and Wed’ze. I don’t know if I am going to be doign this for long, I don’t make plans over the next 10 years, but I already know I will be back next season. As long as I enjoy skiing, I will go on skiing.”


With a bronze medal, a silver medal, and a golden heart, Marie did an exceptional season, and we will enjoy following her as long as she continues, to support her, so that feminine freestyle skiing keeps on living, so that she keeps her victory groove, and that we can be thrilled when she goes high, when she wins, when she succeeds and stomps her tricks, because of the beauty of the sport.

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