Marie Martinod and Wed'ze : a golden partnership for a perfectly stylish and technical skiing outfit only for the girls !


Marie Martinod, Ski Superpipe Olympic Vice-Champion and Wed’ze Technical Partner, is a passionate skier. Always in the field, between her duties as a mother, the trainings and the competitions, Marie knows what is handy, comfy, trendy but as well essential in terms of skiing equipment. That’s the reason that led the team in charge of developing the women’s outfits at Wed’ze to turn to her in order to benefit from her experience, share her ideas, her wishes, and create an outfit combining style and technicality, just for the girls.


©Wed’ze/Marie Martinod
©Wed’ze/Marie Martinod


Olivia, stylist, et Eva, product manager, are the “Charlie’s Angels” at the service of all the girls and women in the world that love to glide. At the foot of the mountains in the Mont Blanc Valley, the get their everyday inspiration from the summits that surround them, the snow that covers the summits, the trends they see on and off the pistes they go on, the female athletes that inspire us all, Marie Martinod first.


Thanks to them, every year, numerous female skiers around the world find the little gem, or event just simply the outfit that fits, to go riding the way they like with the most comfort. And for the season 2014-2015, they have some nice surprises in store for us, some of them we really fell in love with, like this outfit they developed hand in hand with Marie, which will make all women who like skiing melt with fashion happiness, those who are passionate as well as those who just favor relaxed skiing.


And at Wed’ze, the word “partnership” is taken very seriously when it comes to sharing the happy sensations of skiing with the greatest number of people. So Marie was taken in the developing process of this outfit quite early, as it was really important for Wed’ze that her experience would benefit all of us :


“On this outifit, I have worked with Eva’s team, who develops the “women” jackets and sweaters. Olivia is the stylist. We met several times since springtime (2013) in order to choose, adjust, change, decide. Every decision is made according to the sytlist and the product engineer so that neither the style or the quality would be “undermined”, says Marie.


©Marie Martinod
©Marie Martinod


A loose fit for the pants, a snug jacket, matching sweater and gloves, everything was designed so this outfit would be a must int terms of both style and technicality. Inspired by the famous Canadian “lumberjack shirt”, the basic prototype was then worked out by Marie who was able to add her little touch, a good mix of experience of the competitions an very girlie desires:


“The girls proposed to work on the shape they had already designed and to choose the colors together. I chose bright colors because I think the judges will pay better attention to you if you wear a bright color in the Pipe, among all the dim colors, and also because it turns out better than the dark colors on the photos. So yellow is the sun, the joy, the energy !” 


©Marie Martinod
©Marie Martinod


But for Marie as for Eva and Olivia, not only style matters. What matters is to have an outfit that is handy, comfortable and technical at the same time, in order to able to face any weather conditions without wiping the smile off your face, and to be able to always experience fun, even in times of winds and storms. And that is precisely where Marie’s experience in the field is particularly relevant :


“I test the fabric, its weight, its resistance to cold, the zippers, closing them, opening them, the size of the pockets, the collar… Everything is thoroughly examined. I give my feedback to the girls and they adapt the outfit so that when the outfit hits the stores next year (in autumn 2014), we have a great product, completely finalised.”


©Wed’ze/Marie Martinod
©Wed’ze/Marie Martinod


Made in yellow and in blue/white/red (French National Flag colors) for the Olympics for Marie this season, the outfit has been proof tested and approved. And to add to the “woaa” effect, Marie created with the team in charge of caps the essential matching accessories to get the rock and girlie total look on the pistes next winter.


“They gave me total freedom on this project. So we met a first time to define the forms that I like, the colors, the fabrics, the knit styles, etc… Then the stylist worked to propose an entire range that would match my wish list. She completely rocked it ! We even designed a logo especially for my range ! This is really huge. Then we decided about the colors and their position so that everything matches with the outfits (the yellow one, the one in the French colors, and the ones that will be available in stores for the next winter). I am very happy with the final result, I really think we have the style and the technicality in all the products ! “


You will be able to discover everything about this outfit very soon online and as from this autumn in stores. Patience, girls, that waitis really worth it !

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