Marie Martinod and Kevin Rolland get a medal at 2014 Aspen Winter X Games, and so many other surprises !


After a few crazy days, peace has come back to Aspen. A few days during which the resort lived by the rythm of the 2014 edition of X Games and the rythm of the flights, per say, the internationaly renowned athletes coming from all over the Planet were undertaking for the famous competition. And, to make us overly happy, the Frenchies Kevin Rolland and Marie Martinod will bring back with them respectively a silver and a bronze medal.




The X Games are always a great time for the Freeski scene, an unmissable event of the winter season. Furthermore, with the Tignes X Games termination, we could count on an event representing the variety of nationalities practicing these sports. Yes, there was a vast delegation of Canadians and Americans. But the rest of the planet was there too, with riders from Sweden, Japan, France, Iceland or or even Spain. Everything to give some nice colours to these X Games and allow every passionate to share a good time while watching an incredible show.


Cause the level was just enormous, the Slopestyle course incredibly well designed, the Superpipe finely shaped and groomed, and the Big Air just as big as it could be. In short, an ideal playground for riders at the top of their game. After Shaun White’s withdrawal, it’s Torin Yater Wallace (USA) and Thomas Krief (FRA) who decided to withdraw from the ski Superpipe competition after they both suffered an injury, and therefore wanting to get prepared for the other big events of the season. That being done, a spot was to be filled, offering French rider Ben Valentin (FRA) to run for this Superpipe final. A great occasion for the young rider to get some experience of that kind of big competition’s finals.


Marie Martinod’s joy on the Ladies ski Superpipe podium Photo : © @louisgarnierphotography

Marie Martinod’s joy on the Ladies ski Superpipe podium
Photo : © @louisgarnierphotography


Carried by a crowd pushing them to always go further, the athletes gave the best of themselves, as much for the fun of the audience as for the beauty of the sport. That’s how Kevin Rolland (FRA) realizes a great final run in the Superpipe that puts on the second step of the podium, behind a David Wise (USA)on top of his game who wins with an amazing run. Alex Ferreira (USA) takes the third place.


On the ladies side, it’s been a breathtaking show too. Marie Martinod (FRA) did a solid and well executed run, concluding on a beautiful 900°, a run you can watch here. Marie steps on the podium thanks to this run, at the third place, behind Maddie Bowman (USA) and Roz Groenewoud (CAN). She is proving that she is back for the best, with her victory in ski Superpipe at the 2013 Tignes X Games and the different results she’s made so far since the beginning of the season, making her move to the second place of the general ranking in ski halfpipe of the AFP. Marie Martinod crowned World Queen of Halkpipe this year ? this could become reality… On our side of the Atlantic, these two medals gave us chills, made tears of joy run down, and fill us with hope for the next big events.


On snowboard as on skis ski,the athletes fly out at X Games Photo : ©Tristan Shu

On snowboard as on skis ski,the athletes fly out at X Games
Photo : ©Tristan Shu


On the Slopestyle side,  Henrik Harlaut misses the podium and finishes 4th, behind Nick Goepper (USA), first, Mcrae Williams (USA), second, and Andreas Hatveit (NOR), third. The technical and playful course left as much room for creativity as for technique and allowed some riders to come up. But rest assured, Henrikstill leaves with the gold medal of the Big Air competition with a run that left most of us speachless, Vincent Gagnier (CAN) et Kai Mahler (SUI) taking second and third place.


As for our ladies, they took advantage too of this Slopestyle course to let their grace and imùagination speak out. Beautiful runs inside a fierce competition where the queen of the sport, Kaya Turski (CAN), finishes first. This was a very nice moment, seeing this admired and respected athlete come back at the top after her knee injury last year. What more rewarding than a gold medal after all those efforts put to get back on top ? Maggie Voisin (USA) takes second place and Kim Lamarre (CAN) third.


Photo : ©Tristan Shu

Photo : ©Tristan Shu


The snowboard competitions also won the public over with an ever more impressive show that ended by the crowning of the winners, men and ladies. Canadian Max Parrot becomes the champion of Slopestyle and the Américain Danny Davis takes the gold medal in Superpipe. For the ladies, it’s Kelly Clarke (USA) whose declared champion of Superpipe and Silje Norendal (NOR) who becomes queen of Slopestyle.


We get out of these 5 days of competition like thunderstruck, stars still in our eyes from these athletic performances, these tricks that we thought impossible to perform only a few years back, the incredible atmosphere that reigns among the public as well as between the athletes, with the will to see more and more… And wondering what surprises the rest of the season has in store for us. Nice, we hope, unexpected, for sure.


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