The little tricks that will make your day when skiing



For some of you, the winter break is approaching. The snowy peaks and joys of skiing are waiting only for you! Did you think of everything that can help you enjoy your skiing trip to the fullest? As one cannot think of everything, we have prepared for you a little list of the best tricks that will make your day when skiing.



Starting with the extras that come with your skiing clothes, those little things that may save the day. Like this cloth especially designed to wipe your goggles when they get wet or foggy, embedded in your jacket. A detail that will keep your visibility at the top, no matter the weather conditions! ski pass pocket, inside net to store your goggles, key holder: so many storage facilities comprised in your jacket or pants, designed to make your life on the slopes much more convenient. And if you like to saty tuned, even when goign down the hill, this little audio out on your jacket will be the perfect trick: the phone stays safe inside the kacket while the cordon of your earphones has a way out. Just perfect! 


Then if you add a pair of tactile gloves, you won't need to take your hands out in the cold when sending a text, using your favorite ski app or listen to your favorite music, all the while contemplating the beauty of the mountain. The backpack is alos one of those things designed to make your skiing dasy better: among the many compartments they have, don't hesitate to use the one for the granola bar and the bottle of water! the essentials to a good day outdoors...



The ski resorts do their best to make your skiing life easier. Did you know that most of them have now a system of online skipass purchase? So you can avoid all the queuing and waiting to buy your skipass... There are différent options: from the skipasses being sent by mail to the online refill, you just need to click to know everything. 

And for more time-saving, many rental shops have websites and online booking. 

Now that you know all the tricks to make the best of your skiing trip, are you ready to enjoy it to the fullest? 

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