Let's enjoy spring skiing safely


It is time for a fresh start. The sun is here, the temperatures are up, all in a very "springtime good mood" atmosphere. But before storing your skis and helmets, have you thought about a trip to the mountains ? Sweet and longer days, countless outdoor events: let's enjoy spring skiing! Here are our tips to make the best spring snow.



What is the perfect time to ski?

Because of strong differences of temperature between day and night, the snow goes from icy to melty during the day. No need then to rush to the slopes as soon as you get out of bed, or you might have to deal with snow as hard as concrete!


This is probably the best time of the season to enjoy your morning coffee on a terrace, while the snow gets a little softer (and before it turns to melting "soup" at the end of the day).


This is also the reason why experts of spring skiing follow the sun! You will cross path with them on the slopes oritented east in the morning, south at noon, to end the day on a terrace facing west.



As for your equipment, did you know that setting of your bindings right (with regards to level of experience, height and weight) will reduce the risk of knee injury by 50%? Just hit your Decathlon store and our experts will help you manage that. This is also the right time to take good care of your ski soles with a special spring waxing. A good way to prevent tricky stops when going from sun to shadow. 



Ski and sun

Technically speaking, you can adjust your position on your skis by putting an equal weight on each ski. Feeling like some ski lessons wjile you're at it? Great idea, nothing like the advice of a professional to help you get comfy on spring snow.


And to prevent you from melting under the sun, your ski goggles, sun screen and water bottle will definitely be your best friends. 


Ready to discover a new way of skiing? Let's hit the slopes!

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