La Grave, La Meije country, where Nature offers its best for skiing.


In the wonderful “Oisans” massif, at the border of Isere and Hugh Alps counties, Nature offers itself in its most wild and preserved state. The “Pays de la Meije”, with its famous summit, a legend amongst high mountaineers, shelters a treasure: the village of “la Grave” and its “ski resort”, with its cable lift, its ski lift and its liaison towards Les 2 Alpes. It’s motto “one piste, the rest is for you to imagine”, fully encompasses the spirit of the place, where all the passionates are drawn to the promise of pure sensations. Sensations that are actually accessible to anyone who wants them, as long as you know where to go. Come with us to discover an amazing place.


Freedom in its raw state


Perched on a rocky plateau, at 1500 meters high, “La Grave” is firstly a village, which story reads in every alley, on every stone, in the architecture of the houses and the monuments, like its ancient Church, which is on the National Historical Monuments’ List. you can read on its inhabitants’ faces all the winters and summers that have come and gone, leaving Nature as beautiful and mighty as it can be.


Rated as on of the most beautiful villages of France, La Grave offers at first to the visitor the sensation to be in a place with a complex soul, nourished with epic conquests of the mountain and over achievement.


The Cable Lifts and the panorama, dramatic

The Cable Lifts and the panorama, dramatic


And beyond this particular facet, “La Grave” is a country of high mountains, with its summits of la Meije and Le Rateau, culminating respectively at 3 963m and 3 809m high, and their glaciers. A coutnry where every step is accounted for, where each itinerary has to be carefully studied, where each breath is precious. A country of seracs and ice cascades, of snow and cold, where the passionates, the free men, those who don’t believe in limits, will find their home.


La Grave – La Meije, country of white, country of snow

La Grave – La Meije, country of white, country of snow


Only one piste, 2 150 meters of descent, in 30 minutes you will go from 1450 m high to 3200 thanks to the cable lift of la Meije. Once up there, everything is possible: admire the panorama, conquer your feras, go beyond your limits, test your ability to live the mountain in its greatest sense. Thanks to the ski lift that lifts you up the last 400 meters, you end up at 3600 m high, and are able to ski down to Les 2 Alpes, or Saint-Christophe, or on the Glacier de la Girose.


Teamed up with your own knowledge of the mountain or a guide, you will discover in this country, on those slopes, what’s deep down inside you: the bravery of those who conquer Nature, the respect for life, the grandeur.


A breathtaking panorama
A breathtaking panorama


However, the resort of La Grave-La Meije is not the kind of place where they make a fuss about it. The accomodation, the events, the bars and restaurants, everything and everyone there shines with joy of living and simplicity. A week-end event to honor the girls, the unmissable “Derby de La Meije” or a Telemark skiing festival are as many occasions to discover this particular mountain, different from what we are all used to, and get a good idea of the warmth you can only find in the most rough places.


From guest houses to to mountain refuge, igloos and yurts, to spend the night under the stars or enjoy a good night sleep to rest you sore muscles after a day climbing on ice cascades, once you get to taste just a little bit of this complete freedom sensation that you will get in La Grave, nothing will ever be the same. You will bear this with you anywhere, anytime, and it will always make you feel free. Something you have to know once in your life.

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