How are your fun tools developed?

Everything starts with an idea. But afterwards, how do skis and snowboards happen? The magicians are our product managers, engineers and prototypers who work together at the foot of the Mont Blanc. Every Wed’ze product has a story. This is how our snowboard product manager sees things.



How do you start a project?

“I put together a design team with two product engineers, fashion designers, graphic artists and also experts in other countries to find the most effective manufacturing solutions to make the boards to our specifications.”



Where do you start?

“By observing target group riders and gliders who use their boards and skis in the way we want to develop our new products. That is what our business is all about. We translate our observations into words to explain what we want to the product engineers. We collect a lot of information, we travel all over the world, we go to trade shows, we study everything and have long focus group discussions to understand the expectations of each segment. Then we draw up the specifications. These are THE important documents, because they are what the next steps in our work are based on.”


What are the next steps?

“Our product engineers create a mould based on the specifications. They try out different combinations of materials in the mould depending on what they imagine will meet the needs of our target group best. Starting from this mould, they create 4 or 5 different snowboards. We test them on-snow with riders in our target group. During these tests, we often substitute our prototypes with market benchmark boards, including our old model. These blind tests enable comparisons. Our aim, of course, is to make a better board than everyone else!”


How do you create these prototypes?

“At Wed’ze, we have our own prototyping shop just below the Mont Blanc. It means we can work quickly and effectively.”



What do you do after the first tests?

“We pick the snowboard which has done the best in the tests… and make another batch. This “benchmark” snowboard is then made up in 5 different versions – what we call “iterations”. We test all these versions again, pick the new benchmark board…and then run the process all over again. After going through the whole procedure three times, we are sure that our board is the best it can be. – and that it will give a lot of fun to the target group we want to sell to.”


And the design?

“When we put a project design team together, we always include our in-house fashion and graphic designers. They work on the trends on which our new collections will be based. It is difficult to decide what styles will be in demand in 2 or 3 years time but their objective is to find graphics and product features in tune with future market trends.”


Thank you!

Emily - EN