Freeride World Tour finals at the Xtrem of Verbier competition : extreme sensations for an epic closure !


This week-end of the 29th of March 2014 was the time of the crowning of the 4 Freeride World Champions, men and women, ski and snowboard. The big finals of the 2014 Freeride World Tour were held in Verbier, Switzerland, on the mythical face of the “Bec des Rosses”. After having been pushed for a week, the competition finally happened and gave extreme sensations to all the athletes and the 6000 supporters who were on site, as well as the tens of thousands of people who followed the live streaming. an incredible moment of freeriding, a very nice closure for a different winter season.


You can only have such a great face after putting some efforts
©Freeride World Tour


Loïc Collomb-Patton was, on Saturday night, a happy man. Freed from his fears and definitely crowned 2014 Ski Freeride World Champion. The French freeskier from La Clusaz was fibnally able to thank the angel looking over his shoulder, his family and his fan club, and let go off all the pressure that had piled up along the stops of the Tour. Emilien Badoux (SWI) in snowboard, Nadine Wallner (AUT) ski and Shannan Yates (USA) in snowboard were also crowned Freeride World Champions in their respective category and discipline.


It must be said that the pressure was at its peak on this Saturday, letting doubt crawl into the athletes’ minds regarding the choice of their line on the ever impressive “Bec des Rosses ” face. The fresh snow fallen during the week didn’t make it any easier as the rocks were still marking their presence on the face. But once the competition was on, all the athletes had to forget about their doubts and show what they were capable of.


Extreme skiing ©Freeride World Tour
Extreme skiing
©Freeride World Tour


Loïc Collomb-Patton (FRA) – winner of the general ranking of the FWT 2014 : « My dream comes true. I didn’t feel that well at first. I had a lot of pressure and wasn’t really confident about my choice of line. Once in the face, I had only one thing in mind, ski as well as I know I can do, fast and focused, and it worked. For my first year on the Tour, my goal was to be in the top 12 to qualify for Verbier. Winning the general ranking and being crowned World Champion is a dream ! It’s awesome ! »


Happy Loïc Collomb-Patton on arrival
©Freeride World Tour


And by the end of this day, public like athletes were the ones to be proud of. For all they did, for doing it until the end, for going beyong their limits, for loving the mountain and the sensations it makes you experience. A great freeride season with a beautiful closure. And we can’t wait to be in December !

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