Freeride World Tour finals in Verbier : a legendary drop to crown the Freeride World Champions.


Yes, the Olympics made the news for weeks. Almost all winter it seems. But although it seemed it was the only subject worth talking about, freeriding hasn’t stopped existing for all that. Freeriders have been riding the most beautiful mountains, enjoying the pow, and the pros had a lot of fun, according to the conditions, on the different stops of the Freeride World Tour 2014. This week-end of the 22nd of March will take place the  big finals, in Verbier, Switzerland. And the “Bec des Rosses”, the legendary face where it all began in 1996, holds the promise of a fierce competition, where anything can happen.


©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier
©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier


After stopping in Chamonix (FRA), Courmayeur (ITA) et Fiederbrunn (AUT), the Tour left the Old Continent to get to America, in Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, in Utah. The uncertain snow and weather conditions forced the organizers to wait a few days before ultimately having to move the competition to Silver Fox, which has been the venue of numerous freeride competitions in the past.


On a fresh cover of snow, on this 1st of March, the athletes shiwed their best skiing to impress the judges. Which didn’t really work out for the top places of the general ranking, but allowed some suspens back in the Tour.


©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier
©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier


Then, the Revelstoke stop had to be cancelled. The snow pack formed throughout a disturbed winter and the changing weather conditions made the venue too dangerous for such a competition, requiring maximum security. So all the athletes and the organization staff are now gathered in Verbier, Switzerland, for the big finals that are to take place this week-end of the 22d of March. Knowing the results of this stop can still change the general ranking, eveyrthing can happen on the “Bec des Rosses”, that the organizers inspected on this Wednesday 19th of March.


©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier
©Freeride World Tour/David Carlier


Extremely precautious about the competitors’ security, as much for the beauty of the sport as for the athletes’ health, the organizers, the judges, the guides in charge of the security of the venue, and former competitors and World Champion snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue (FRA) and skier Reine Barkered (SWE), went on site to test the snow cover and skied down the face. This trip on the filed, together with the information on the snow cover, the weather history and forecast, will help the organizers in their decision making process regarding the exact time and location of the competition.


So while we wait to know who the Freeride Skiing and Snowboarding World Champions are, we have heard the winter is coming back here in the Alps and that snow will be falling all week-end. Two good reasons for keeping our eyes turned towards the mountains…


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