Freeride World Tour 2014 : epic sensations and special offers just for you.

There we are. The Freeride World Tour is going to be back soon. Despite the Revelstoke stop being re-scheduled to March 2014 instead of taking place this 18th of December because of dangerous snow conditions, everything is set for THE competition that we all look forward to following this winter. All the best of the world’s best freeriders confirmed their presence on the Tour so the show shall be amazing. But the 2014 Freeride World Tour is also a handful of good deals to enjoy the show, and this for every budget.




Yes, this year, the organizers of the Freeride World Tour are proposing all inclusive packages to attend the different stops of the Tour as a mere lover of wilderness and epic sensations or as a VIP with privileged access to riders areas. From the student pocket to the executive platinum, there will be something for everyone, and most of all a unique experience.




You will event be able to treat yourself with the luxury of a day with a pro-rider and a guide who will take you beyond the limits you wouldn’t dare to cross otherwise. Heli dropping, professional accompaniment, possibility to learn and see the moutain through the eyes of a pro, a freeriding experience you might never be able to live anywhere else.



From a simple day to an entire week, with three days packages as well, including the ski passe for the duration of the stay, the access to special areas to follow the competition, accomodation and parties, as well as the possibility to meet with the riders, this is the best deal of the winter for all freeride lovers, but also for those who would love a skiing escape for an interesting price in one of the best resort in the Alps : Chamonix, Courtmayeur, Fiederbrunn, Verbier or Zermatt. With, in addition, the possibility to live a unique event from the inside.


More info on Freeride World Tour packages.

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