To enjoy your ski holiday, get well prepared.

It’s the ski holidays ! The occasion to get back to those sweet yet amazing sensations you get when you are going downhill on your skis, on the slopes or outside. If there has been some reasons to think that the snow would not be there, now it is, with the promise of very good days of skiing. But good snow and weather conditions are not enough to make your ski holiday a perfect moment. Everyone should be able to get some of the fun, event those who don’t like skiing, and when the weather is bad, ti should be fun too. Here are some tips for you to enjoy the mountain, whatever the weather or what you like to do.



Take everything you need.

You might think that booking the rental gear, the accomodation, the ski lessons is the most important… But don’t forget that packing your bag well is propbably the most important thing for a good holiday. You may learn everyhting on how to dress properly or how to prepare your ski gear for a good day skiing with Wed’ze. And don’t forget to pack the essentials with your skiing outfit : an outfit to go out, one to relax at the chalet, and a good moisturizing body lotion. the effects of the cold on your skin can be very unpleasant. And for the rest, just follow your instinct !


Choose your destination according to your family, friends and the activities you like…

Sometimes you forget that mountain holidays are not only about skiing. You can do lot of different activities in the mountains, enjoy bad weather as much as good weather, and discover local gastronomy. And everyone, including those who don’t like skiing, or event those who don’t like sports, can have a lot of fun during a mountain holiday.



We couldn’t list here all the activities the ski resorts have in store for you. But in one click you can find them on the web. If you wish to try winter mountaineering or just get some relaxation, you will not choose the same resort. One remarkable thing this year is the ski touring initiation course that has been set up in the resort of Arêches Beaufort, in Savoie. Ideal if you want to test a new way of touring the mountain.


Book a night or a day out of the ordinary.

You will not often get the occasion to have diner under the stars in the middle of the mountain, or spend the night in an enchanted forest. Get a cocktail in a tipi at the top of a resort, discover the latest massage with plants of the mountains, or event try driving on an ice circuit, let your imagination run wild and don’t miss the occasion to live something you might never be able to do anywhere else. One day, or one night, to spend a wonderful moment, to live an experience you will never forget.



Enquire about the services and utilities to always have a plan B.

Bad weather, you’re tired, you feel like taking your time. Sometimes, you need a plan B. So in order to enjoy your holiday at the maximum, get all the information you can on all the services and utilities at disposal in the resort your are visiting. Daycare services or mini-clubs propose amazing activities for kids who will be able to live at their rythm while parents can breathe some fresh air. Cinemas show the same movies as in the big cities. Almost all resorts have covered heated swimming pools, and spas, and saunas and hammams. Ski buses and shuttles will save a lot of time and parking trouble, and the supermarkets have their own home delivery services.


And one last thing: just know that in the modern ski resorts, there is always something for everyone and for every budget. Restaurants, art exhibitions, cooking courses wiht chefs, art crafts workshops, concerts… Everyone will get their own fun, and bring back a serenity that you will not find anywhere else.

Emily - EN