designing a snowboard by wed'ze

Designing a snowboard - Episode 2: The first designs and prototypes

Have you ever wondered how Wed'ze products are created and how long it takes on average to develop a product? Discover the various stages from the birth of an idea to the arrival of a new product in your Decathlon store by following the design of a Wed'ze snowboard.

In episode 1 of our report on the design of Wed'ze products, we left Philippe and his idea: create a Freestyle board that's both manoeuvrable and fun aimed at beginner riders who want to start practising travelling in both directions (switch), make their first jumps, and start having fun on the box lines and rails in the park.


From original idea to first designs - October 2015

Between October and November 2015, starting from the user specifications created by the product manager, the first drawings were sketched and the choices of shape and camber of the future board were decided on.


la conception d'un snowboard chez wed'ze episode 2


The first prototypes

With our prototyping workshop located within our offices, the first prototypes saw the light of day in late November. This was an opportunity to test several variations in shape and camber.

The prototypes all come out as "white" boards so that we can conduct blind tests. We also test the early designs to see how that can work.


la conception d'un snowboard : les premiers prototypes


Testing the prototypes on the ski slopes - December 2015

Now it's time to get down to business in the ski resorts just next to our offices, from December to March, to try out the different prototypes on snow. Test days are carried out by snowboarders fitting the profile of the target rider set back at the start.

The tests are analysed to choose the final shape of the board. Once selection is complete, a second prototyping phase is launched with the opening of a mould with our industrial partner.


The prototypes are then subjected to mechanical tests, i.e. laboratory testing to measure, for example, the stiffness of the snowboard.


la conception d'un snowboard chez wed'ze les premiers dessins


Prototype validation - summer 201

During the months of June and July, three prototypes are selected for a final series of tests on snow, so we're off to the Les Deux Alpes glacier. This series of blind tests is performed using benchmark boards on the market and from the Wed'ze range. The objective is that in a blind test, the prototype meets the expectations set out in the user specifications 8 months earlier.


conception d'un snowboard wed'ze: les premiers tests sur le terrain


One prototype is then validated following this last set of tests. The technical specifications can now be sent to the industrial partner.

In the next episode, you can discover a new stage in the creation of a snowboard with the design.


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