Designing a snowboard - Episode 1: The idea

Have you ever wondered how Wed'ze products are created and how long it takes on average to develop a product? Discover the various stages from the birth of an idea to the arrival of a new product in your Decathlon store by following the design of a Wed'ze snowboard.

Wed’ze by Decathlon, a brand based in Haute-Savoie

Wed’ze is Decathlon's ski and snowboard brand based in Haute-Savoie in the Mont Blanc valley. The offices are located at the Mountain store, right next to the ski resorts, skiers and snowboarders. This means we can test our products very quickly, understand the needs of our users (and go out on the ski slopes in winter during lunch breaks ;)) Our teams, all passionate about skiing and snowboarding, work to offer affordable products so that everyone, regardless of their level or style, can get kitted out and discover skiing or snowboarding.



la conception d'un snowboard chez wedze



Philippe, snowboard product manager

I'd like to introduce Philippe, snowboard product manager. He'll take us through the design of a snowboard. Indeed, it all starts with him! Having observed and discussed with snowboarders and our Decathlon sales teams, Philippe identifies the requirements. It's from this data that will he create a user specification, ie define who specifically the snowboard will be aimed at and for what use.



conception d'un snowboard wed'ze - l'idée



Going back a year

In October 2015, Philippe and his team realised that there was no real Freestyle board / jib as customers fed back this requirement.

He was therefore chosen to create a Freestyle board for skilled freestylers who like to practise their sport in a snowpark using a very manoeuvrable, fun board. The technical features of this board mean it is also very suited to beginners who want to start to practise travelling in both directions (switch) and make their first jumps.


le snowboard wed'ze, sa conception, l'idée


This is where the designing process of a new snowboard starts...

To be continued next month!

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader