Best deal of this new year is at Les 2 Alpes : ski with friends, get discounts !


The very nice domain of Les 2 Alpes, with its glacier offering very nice perspective of skiing in spring, summer and autumn, is honoring friendship with its special offer of reduced tarifs on ski passes if you come skiing with friends. And it would be a shame they shoudn’t do so as, as they say, “the more, the merrier”.


Les 2 Alpes Crédit photo : ©les 2 Alpes/Bruno Longo
Les 2 Alpes
Crédit photo : ©les 2 Alpes/Bruno Longo


With the Glacier culminating at 3600 m, and 2300 m of descent, the domain of Les 2 Alpes can offer any skier, whether they are adventurous, passionate, courageous, trained or beginners, dreamy skiing days.


The team in charge of the animation of the resort and of the village of Mont de Lans has imagined, for the greater joy of us good sensations addicts, incerdible offers, allowing us to enjoy the pleasures of skiing with family, friends, or just skiing addicts…


En famille, pour les enfants, il y a tout ce qu’il faut Crédit photo : ©les 2 Alpes/Bruno Longo
For family holidays, don’t worry, the children are taken care of
Photo credit: ©les 2 Alpes/Bruno Longo


Because you see, in Les 2 Alpes, they thnik outside of the box, and it’s not just a motto. It’s a real philosophy they apply everywhere and anytime for your skiing holiday. So the resort proposes tailor-made offers according to your profile,  your wishes, your habits, your dreams… they simply thought about everything for you : family holidays, exhilarated stay or relaxation and peace at their best, it’s your choice.


Les 2 Alpes, c’est aussi de beaux événements pour tous comme le Kumi Yama Crédit photo : ©les 2 Alpes/Pierre Morel
Les 2 Alpes, also a lot of beautiful events like the Kumi Yama
Photo credit: ©les 2 Alpes/Pierre Morel


But most of all, the resort is offering the best of deals for thos who can’t ski but only with friends. Because “the more we are, the merrier it gets”, at Les 2 Alpes, the more you are, the less you pay. Hence, if you are 4 friends skiing together, you’ll pay 35 euros per person the daily ski pass instead of 45 euros. So don’t wait, don’t miss out on the offer, and above all, have fun !


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