Are you ready for the winter break?


In a few days you will take off for the ski resorts. Nothing can stop you when it comes to enjoy skiing. Only uncertainty: the weather. How would you like to have a backup plan for any contingency like foggy days, or snow storms? That's why we have it prepared for you: the best tips on how to plan the best skiing holiday ever.



A peaceful trip on the road.

Did you know that "snow tyres" are in fact as useful on dry road? In reality, these are winter tyres, not only meant for snow. Their rubber is more tender, so they will better react to the cold, and their grooves are designed to give you a better adherence on snow. So no need to live in the mountains to get that kind of equipment, the winter tyres will be of use every winter, and they will put your mind at ease when it comes to driving to the ski resorts.


A pair of snow chains in the trunk, which you will have tried once at home before leaving, and the road to your holiday will become the true journey...


A little tip: the smart pads filled with cartoons and movies, music, audio books, travel games, drinks and snacks, here is all you need to occupy the time for those who are not driving...


Travel smart.

By train or by plane, some will rather avoid the road. For those of you who travel with their gear, the shoe bags and the ski/snowboard bags on wheels will be your best allies to save time, energy and travel smart.


A good organization.

You want everything to go as planned so you can enjoy at the maximum? Nothing is simpler. You can litterally prepare everything in advance in just one click: buying your ski passes online, book your shuttle from the airport or the train station, book the ski lessons, day with a guide, find the non-skiing activities list and the ski-buses time schedule... A little preparation before leaving and you will enjoy every moment in the mountain to the fullest.



Pack your bag smart.

Want our secret? vacuum bags. and there it is: the end of skiing clothes taking too much space in the travel bag.


For the rest, don't forget the little things that can save the day: hand and foot warmers, a good facial protective cream, gloves and hats... And a jar of good mood! 


Backup plans.

With the changing weather and the fatigue building up, an alternative to the ski will always be welcome. Ice rink, swimming pool, spa, restaurant, snow shoeing, cinema, sledge... every resort now abound with activities for the whole family and sure there will be something for everyone. Don't hesitate to get the information before leaving and to plan a few  activities outside the pistes now and then. the little legs of your champions will thank you for that and you may prevent an afternoon of house wreckage and complaints...


Feeling like something new?

And how about taking some time this year to try something new? Enjoy, the mountain is all yours! Inititation to freeriding with a guide, discoveyr of freestyle skiing with the younger ones, you can also learn how to build an igloo or try snowboarding (or skiing) for the first time! Some will discover the most beautiful landscapes on cross country skis while the others will enjoy ski touring... Your most beautiful reward will be all the memories you will bring back from this holiday, and the smile of you family and friends on the photos.


Time to go now, so just hit the road and enjoy your skiing holiday and the laughter of all the family! 

Emily - EN
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