l'innovation wedze : le test client des skis boost 300 ARCHTEC

They tested for us the ARCHTEC BOOST 300 skis

Who better thansomeone who actually uses the product to talk about it and evaluate its performances? This is the reason why Wed'ze picked 5 clients, including Nadia and Benoit, to test their latest innovation: the arcHtec Bosst 300 skis. The testers of the day tell us more about the test and the skis.

Can you introduce yourselves?

Nadia: We are Nadia and Benoît, I am a lawyer and Benoît is a web developer, and we have a blog where we share our adventures when we go on holiday or on week-end trips, the times when we can practice our favorite sports.


Do you ski on a regular basis?

Nadia: We go skiing once a year during our winter break. I am a beginner and Benoit has an intermediate level.


l'innovation wedze : le test client des skis boost 300 ARCHTEC


How long have you known Wed'ze?

Benoît: We discovered Wed'ze last winter when we were looking for a bacpack. We wanted something that would rotate easily to the front when you are about to hop on a skilift. The Reverse 500 Wed'ze Bacpack was just what we were looking for! Since then, Nadia takes it everywhere, as much for the everyday life than for traveling, she puts the camera tripod, the camera, and a ot of things in it. We then discovered other products: jackets, first layers... 


What do you like about Wed’ze?

Nadia: It's a brand that combines the practical side of things with a nice design. It has innovative products for everyone, including amateur skiers like us, products that are closer to our expectations and needs.

Benoît: And the prices are also for people like us, who only go skiing once a year!


How where you selected to participate to the test?

Benoît: We were contacted via our blog. When we ski, we actually use a lot of Wed'ze products that we love. We share our experience about them with our followers so they get to know the gear that we use. This is how the brand heard about us and contacted us to invite us to the test.


How did the test go?

Benoît: We were invited to the Chamonix Valley, from Friday to Sunday, along with 3 other clients: Philippe, Jessica and Pierre. At first, we had a tour of the Wed'ze offices, and they showed us how they create an innovation like the the arcHtec Boost 300 skis. We were able to realize that the brand develops its own products, something we didn't know! 


Saturday, we spent the day testing the new arcHtec Boost 300 skis with the whole Wed'ze technical  team! We started the test with the former model of the Boost 300 skis. The idea was to allow us to understand the new skis in comparison to the old one. After to slopes, we switched to the new model. Although it was beginning of April, we had a cloudy weather on that day.


Sunday was really sunny so we had the opportunity to go the the Brevent ski resort, and get more impressions on these skis in better conditions. With such a dramatic scenery, Nadia event made her first descent on a black rated slope (thank you to Greg and Pauline from the Wed'ze communication team for having made this possible)!


l'innovation wedze : le test client des skis boost 300 ARCHTEC


What did you think of this ski?

Benoît: First of all, we were seduced by the original design. And this technical innovation also has its practical side: you can carry the skis effortlessly with one hand only! A little detail that you may appreciate when you need to walk 10 to 15 minutes with your skis... For a beginner, this ski will be very accessible while allowing room for improvement. Once you reach an intermediate level, you can improve your skiing technique without chaging skis. We have seen that on hard packed snow, the ski has a good grip, so you won't fear engaging in the descent. 


Would you be willing to buy them?

Nadia: Of course! We like that the skis are for both our skiing levels, and we also like that we have room for progression. And the price! It only takes two ski holidays to amortize the cost of buying your own pair of skis.


Something else you wish to say?

This week-end will stay as one of our best memories! We are sports amateurs, and we like nice gear. We were very lucky to be able to see the backstage of the creation of a technical product like skis. We met people who are passionate about their job, and experts in their field of expertise. We would like to thank the team once again for their warm and friendly welcome!



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