The 2Warm, a revolution in the world of ski and snowboarding base layers

This week, Wed’ze is delighted to introduce you to Olivier Maret, Decathlon's innovation manager in charge of industrial textiles. For the last 4 years, Olivier has overseen the design and development of innovative materials for Decathlon garments, prior to arranging their production. He gives us the low-down on Wed'ze's new ski and snowboarding base layer.



Why are ski and snow boarding base layers such an essential part of any winter sports kit?


The base layer, which is worn directly against the skin, must be comfortable for the skier who'll be wearing it for the duration of the exercise. It must also be able "to breathe," provide insulation against the cold and maintain a layer of warm, dry air against the skin. Air is, in fact, an excellent insulator, while moisture caused by perspiration is the enemy of warmth... Hence the importance of equipment that dries quickly!


The skier needs to adapt his choice of ski base layer to suit the weather on the slopes so he can find the level of heat that suits him best.     



Let's talk now about the 2Warm. What makes it different from other ski and snowboarding base layers?


Essentially the fact that it's reversible! The level of insulation, or the heat provided, differs depending on how the fabric is worn and the side placed against the skin.


Can you tell us a bit more about the component used in 2Warm base layers?


It's a knit component that has two distinct sides. One is smooth and the other has a "raised" pattern. These two different surfaces and the fit of the base layer determine how the 2Warm works.


How does the 2Warm work, specifically?


As I mentioned, the main thing that determines a base layer's level of warmth is the layer of air (dry and immobile) that it can trap within the fabric structure and between the fabric and the skin.


In the case of the 2Warm, when the component's smooth surface is placed against the skin, this layer of air is very thin. When the other side - the raised pattern - is in contact with the skin, it traps a greater volume of air. So the skier can choose between two levels of warmth.


To immobilise this air, the 2Warm is worn quite close to the body: so, it's flattened against the skin, covering a large surface area. If you're undecided between 2 sizes, take the smaller size as the fabric used for 2Warm base layers is stretchy.



Do 2Warm base layers require any special care?


No, you care for them just like any other synthetic, high-tech base layer. So it is sufficiently sturdy to withstand conventional machine-washing. No other treatment is needed. Its special property is directly attributable to the structure of the fabric and the way of wearing the garment. So, over time, it won't be adversely affected by normal use or care.


At the risk of being indiscreet, can I ask ... What new projects are you working on today?


2Warm is ONE response to the main problem faced by sportsmen and women which concerns the need for garments capable of adapting to the outside temperature, bad weather and level of activity. There are several other projects that are also seeking to address this same issue.


One of our priorities is to go even further in the field of moisture management and develop garments that wick away moisture even faster so they no longer get damp at all.


But, as for other properties that we're working on .... we're keep "mum" until the first products appear!


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