In 2015, skiing is high tech!


Technology makes your everyday life easier, and so it does with your skiing! Did you know that you can record on camera your adventures on snow like a professional? Or even keep in touch with your friends with a ski helmet on? On the slopes in 2015, forget the resort maps that you can't unfold, the friends lost for the day, and follow the trend: skiing, in 2015, will be high tech or won't be!



The mountain in 2015 is still this wild country that you love to explore, but skiing gets more high tech than ever thanks to numerous accessories and apps that, one must admit, make your life on skis easier and, somewhat, more beautiful. Like these liner gloves that allow you to check on your special snow weather app that the conditions will be as gorgeaus as foreseen et that the day will be great, all of that without having to let your hands out in the cold.


And in order to save every minute of this perfect day, thanks to the resort's app, you will have bought your ski pass and planned your itinerary on the pistes map, all the while walking to the first skilift of the day.


You don't even have to bother taking your helmet off to get in touch with your friends thanks to these clever communication kits taht connect your helmet to the world, or your music



The mini camera has become a must have, on the pistes as outside. On your helmet, on the strap of your backpack or on the tip of your pole, it will bring back home the your best descents as well as your most beautiful downfalls.


Not to mention your smartphone, which is way more than a simple information media. Professional photo camera, camera and photo and filme editing sofware all-in-one, it will keep a permanent trace of these wonderful moments, allowing you to share them on the social media, with your friends and family. And the latest high tech trend that has come to the pistes, or more likely in the snowpark or off pistes, is the walkie-talkie, that connect you to your friends down the mountain in just one click...


Technologie does make the mountain easier, and more fun, and you can enjoy it endlessly without suffering from the cold. So, are you ready to discover the best sensations you've ever known? They are waiting only for you!

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