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All mountain Xlander 900 Downhill Skiing Skis - Blue

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Key feature
The Xlander 900 with 83 mm skate, a double-rocker, perfect for having fun in all types of snow. Good skiers who will appreciate the stability with big turns!

User benefits

Ease of handling
They pivot very easily thanks to the autoride rocker (double rocker).
The faster you go, the more stable they are.
The heavy structure (wood core) provides good grip.
With its autoride rocker, the Xlander 900 offers an interesting buoyancy.

Technical information

Board : 45.0% Wood, Board : 20.0% Polyamide (PA), Board : 20.0% Glass - Fibre (FG), Board : 10.0% Steel, Board : 5.0% Polyethylene (PE)
Designed to :
The expert skier: 40% slope carving, 60% all snow slope.
2 years

Features of the product

Woodcore Tec: Sandwich construction with vertical edges and wood core providing a powerful ski under the foot and greater stability. The skis behave like a shock absorber providing greater comfort owing to the wood's great relief and vibration absorption ability.
Look bindings, NX11 model DIN adjustable from 3.5 to 11. Adjustable from 265 mm to 377 mm.
Metal tip end and reinforced topsheet.
Waxed and sharpened skis, ready to use. Blade sharpened to 89°.
What is an arch?
When placing a ski on the ground, its points of contact are found near the tip and heel, whereas the middle of the ski (under the bindings) is slightly raised (this is the camber). The longer and higher the camber, the greater the traction and more responsive the ski. The lower the camber, the more tolerant and manageable the ski.
What is a rocker?
On a rocker ski, the tip, and sometimes the heel, comes off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski. This moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is smaller: they are more manageable and buoyant on soft snow. When taking corners, the edge length offers more traction on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the more manageable your skis.
Autoride rocker
Light rocker at the tip and heel, arch under the foot. This shape provides manoeuvrability and tolerance upon changing snow conditions. You benefit from the better manageability of a short ski when sliding and from the stability of a longer ski as soon as you use the edge.
132/83/120 in 176 cm, radius = 16 m
40% slope carving, 60% all snow slope.
Available sizes
Sizes sold in stores: 168 cm, 176 cm. Sizes available only on the Internet and from in-store terminals: 184 cm.

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