la poche forfait de ski chez wed'ze

In which pocket should I keep my ski pass?


We ask ourselves the same question every season: in which pocket should I keep my ski pass? Discover a good tip from Wed’ze: the sleeve pocket.


poche forfait de ski dans la manche de la veste

A ski pass pocket on your sleeve


At Wed’ze, seeing as users hold a central place when it comes to our clothing, the ski and snowboard jackets have been designed to make your days skiing simpler and more practical. There is no longer any need to get out your ski pass as your sleeve is equipped with a ski pass pocket guaranteeing rapid access to the ski lifts.


This pocket is found on all brand jackets (Midcarve, Slide…) and makes it easier to use the ski pass, without having to get the ski pass out, with no risk of loosing or damaging it.


So if this famous pocket does not appear on sleeves, it is not a ski or snowboard jacket. No hesitation: visit our Decathlon advisers to find the jacket which will make your days skiing happy ones.


la poche spéciale forfait de ski


Why on the sleeve?


Why such a place for your ski pass? Simply because, presently, ski resorts are equipped with electronic ski passes which you must present in front of a machine in order to access the ski lifts. Placed high, at the level of an adult's arm, these machines are easily accessible with one simple action when the ski pass features on the arm. There is no longer any need to fumble in your pockets or shuffle around to reach when you have the ski pass in the correct pocket. Children simply have to raise their arm. Practical, no?


Thanks to the ski pass pocket, it takes just a few seconds to pass through the ski lift machines and allows you to move through the queues more quickly. No time wasting, less irritation: perfect for relaxing and pleasurable days in the mountains.



Now that you are aware of the bess place to put your ski pass, discover the joys of exploring ski resorts, without limits and without worries!


mettre son forfait de ski dans la poche spéciale

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader
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