Comment bien ranger mon matériel en fin de saison WEDZE

What's the correct way to store my equipment at the end of the season?


You've enjoyed the delights of skiing and snowboarding and now it's time to store your equipment for next winter. But what should you do, if, when the snow returns, you want to find your gear in tip-top condition? Yves Rocquet explains what you should do.

Skis or snowboard: the secret to prolonging the life of your equipment.

Your ski outfit needs washing before being packed away; similarly, the rest of your equipment also needs attention before being stored for a few months. A few minutes of maintenance is all it takes to ensure years of enjoyment on the slopes!

1 - cleaning

Before storing your equipment, as a first step, it's important to dry the various parts of your skis or snowboard (edges, base, bindings) using a soft cloth and lightly lubricate the bindings, if necessary.



2 – end of season waxing

Secondly, to prevent the base from rusting during the long months in storage, you're strongly advised to take your equipment to the Workshop in your Decathlon store for an end-of-season wax: first we perform some classic maintenance procedures (cleaning, sanding and grinding), then we apply a thick layer of deeply nourishing, warm wax to the base.


Well stored boots: comfort guaranteed!

To look after your boots, there are 3 things you must do before storing them:

- Air your boots by removing the liner inside the plastic outer shell.
- Check the heel and toe units on your ski boots; if they are split or worn, we suggest you go to the Workshop to have them replaced.
- Fasten buckles on first notch to prevent them from becoming misshapen and store them in a bag, if possible.


CStore in a dry place where the temperature is unlikely to fall below 10°C. The plastic on your boots will thank you for your care!




Ideal storage conditions: somewhere warm and dry.

Ideally, you should store your equipment somewhere dry to prevent it from rusting. So, you should try to avoid the garage, the garden shed or cellar etc. If you can, opt for a room in the house. Ideally, you should store your equipment in an upright position, in a protective cover (it's best not to clip skis together but to position them side by side).


Having a pair of skis or a snowboard that have been well-prepared at the end of a season, will help ensure a successful start of season. So don't hesitate to ask your Decathlon Workshop technicians for advice; they'll ensure you enjoy a great season on the slopes every year...


Yves Rocquet (UK)
Decathlon Workshop Technician