Faire découvrir le ski aux enfants WEDZE

Teaching children to ski or snowboard

Do you dream of teaching your children the pleasure of snow this winter? It's a great idea. Antoine, ski instructor and Wed'ze test manager, provides his tips for introducing your little champions to the joys of snow sports.




Skiing is a passion that I love to share. I take time each winter to teach, for the pleasure of sharing my passion and the joy of seeing children and adults blast down the slopes.

It's true that teaching kids to ski can seem complicated, but a few lessons are enough to get them going! Our state ski certification and experience allow us to teach skiing and snowboarding to very young children.


Learning for every age

The goal: making snow sports a game, so that your little champions can learn while having fun.


- From 3 years: learning about the equipment.

Can your children walk? You can put them on skis. They will get familiar with the equipment. They can learn to move in boots, then to walk back and forth over flat surfaces with skis on their feet.


- age 4/5: stopping, controlling speed.

Your children start to move over a very gradual slope. This is the time for snowploughs and their very first turns. They learn to descend while controlling their speed, so they can stop. As future champions, they start to climb back up the slope using the conveyor belt or tow rope.


- age 5/6: turns and parallel skis.

Now that they can move like real budding skiers, move to teleskis to learn to make big turns. This is the perfect time to take out your camera and immortalise this magic moment.


Once the skis start to be parallel, they will soon be able to follow you. Get ready for big moments…




My advice for "fun family skiing".


A few tips to maximise the fun of these intense moments:



Independent on the slopes, your budding skiers will be thrilled to show you what they can do. They can confidently improve and reveal their inner champion.



By adapting your plans, you will avoid fear, and their progress will be even faster.


Recreational Skiing:

Do you like skiing because it's fun? They do too! Trails and the edges of the slope are your playgrounds, and they will become your child's very quickly.



did you know that your children do not have the same sense of danger that you do? It's up to you to remain vigilant on the slopes and guide them for more safety: ski in front of them and impose a route, since on their own, they will go in a straight line.



Like on the road, the slopes have their own rules: priority goes to the downstream (downhill) skier, so look in front of you before starting once you're stopped, and always keep control over your speed. Some good practices that your little champions will learn quickly…


Take a break:

hot chocolate, crepes, the landscape... all excuses are good to let your little champions rest their legs - and you, too.


You're ready for the snowy slopes, hot chocolates, and giggles. Have fun and enjoy the slopes!

Antoine Bouvier (EN)