Pistes ski au printemps : choisir les bonnes tenues WEDZE

On the slopes in spring time: choosing the right outfit

Incredible but true: spring is also the season for skiing! The snow is good, the days are longer and the temperature is milder. Our advice on choosing the ideal spring skiing outfit will prove very useful in helping you better prepare for the milder weather.

Avoiding the sauna effect: the 3 layers.

We've already mentioned the three layer systemwhich will help you avoid the "sauna" effect when wearing your ski outfit: a first breathable, "second skin" layer, a second layer which is also breathable and provides warmth, and a third breathable, waterproof layer to protect you from the outdoor elements.These three layers provide the ideal ski clothing system, both in spring and winter: they'll help keep you warm but prevent you from feeling you're skiing in a sauna after your first run!

Spring skiing: A lighter outfit

Milder temperatures don't necessarily mean it's going to be warm so you still need to remember to wrap up in spring. The mornings will still be cool but it may be relatively mild in the afternoon so you need to find the right balance to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the day.


The simplest advice: stick to the three layer system but wear lighter fabrics.


The first and second layers can vary in terms of thickness and fabric, offering varying degrees of warmth. When it comes to the third layer, swap your down jacket or lined jacket for a simple, unlined jacket that will offer protection from the high-altitude wind and sleet that is common at this time of year.


Gloves should also be thinner and lighter for spring skiing and you can remove your helmet lining and ear pads. Which means extra comfort so you can enjoy those magnificent spring days of skiing!


Wed'ze's tip

Open the air vents! As the temperature starts to rise, remember to make use of the air vents in your trousers, jacket and even your helmet; they allow cool air to circulate and help eliminate moisture.


A last word of advice, and not an insignificant one: when on the mountains in spring, beware of the sun! With a good sun block in your pocket, and particularly on your face, you'll be ready to hit the slopes, relax on the terraces and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view. Ready to put your skis on?


Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader