bien choisir la taille de ses skis et de ses bâtons avec wed'ze

Selecting the correct size of skis and poles

It is essential to be well equipped when heading onto the slopes in order to enjoy and improve as you wish and safely. To do this, it is important to have the correct size ski and poles. Do you know if you have the correct size skis and poles? Follow our guide!


avoir la bonne taille pour ses skis et ses bâtons

Ski sizes which change according to level and practice

The first criteria to bear in mind when selecting the ski size is your level.

The shorter the skis, the more they are manoeuvrable. This is why beginners can select skis 10 to 15 cm shorter than their size. Heavier skiers may opt for larger skis.

Skiers of a higher level may prefer longer skis for greater lift and stability.

Your ski size will also vary dependent on the practice:


Pistes: -5 to -15 cm

Versatile: Your size up to -10 cm

Freeride: -5 to +10 cm

Freestyle: Your size up to -10 cm


comment avoir la bonne taille de skis et de bâtons

How do I choose the right size poles?

With the poles, it is simpler. It all depends solely on your size. To work out the size you require, stand a pole vertically, turn it round by placing your hand under the washer.

Is your elbow at 90°? Great, the poles are suited to your size. If not, adjust it accordingly.

Please note that to complete this operation, try, where possible, to do it sightly bent over, with ski boots on. This is the position you will use where you genuinely need your poles on the slopes. 


choisir la bonne taille de bâtons de ski

Now that you are certain that you have the correct size ski equipment, hit the ski slopes and enjoy yourself!

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