Safety and comfort

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Bien skier neige printemps Wed'ze

Spring is a great opportunity to ski and enjoy the pistes without the crowd but with the sun. Spring snow is has its own quality, so find out how to best ski on it with our advice.

Would your days spent skiing be perfect if only you didn't have cold hands? With our advice, discover how to keep hands warm when in the mountains.

keeping your feet warm when skiing with Wed'ze

Having cold feet can immediately ruin your day on the slopes. To keep your feet warm this winter, I have made a small list of things to consider. It's over to you!

les joies du ski de printemps wedze

There's no doubt about it, spring is on its way! It is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and snow which still remains on the slopes.

Pistes ski au printemps : choisir les bonnes tenues WEDZE

Incredible but true: spring is also the season for skiing! The snow is good, the days are longer and the temperature is milder. Our advice on choosing the ideal spring skiing outfit will prove very useful in helping you better prepare for the milder weather.