Bien s'habiller pour les sports d'hiver

The right clothing for all your winter sports needs

Winter sports are very popular with all kinds of people, young and old alike. To make the most of the mountains, you need to choose an outfit that's right for the mountain climate!

New high-tech materials have a wide range of properties: water-repellent, breathable, insulating, they effectively protect you from the cold and the snow, while being comfortable to wear and stylish. They include Novadry , Gore-Tex, Thinsulate … so many new technologies to look after the well-being of snow lovers!

Clothing designed for winter sport use should meet the following criteria :
- protection from the cold
- protection from the wet
- protection from falls.

The 3 layers

For warmth and comfort, nothing beats the famous "3 layer" system:

  • The "second skin" layer

    In direct contact with the body, its purpose is to let perspiration escape and to dry quickly, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry. So that it can absorb moisture, the liner-jersey is worn close to the body, and mustn't be too big. Long or short sleeves, turtleneck collar or not, you're spoilt for choice! Close-fitting cotton or silk leggings are great to slip on under your trousers.

  • The insulating layer

    Designed to maintain a layer of warm air around the body and play an insulating role, it's more or less thick, depending on the temperature. In wool, wadding, fleece or softshell, your under-jacket has it all!

  • The protective layer

    The jacket complements the first two layers, providing protection against all kinds of weather, thanks to its water-repellent treatment. It's a good idea to choose a jacket or anorak with a hood, as this provides increased protection against cold, wind and snow. With elasticated sleeves and snow-skirts, most jackets offer specific details and designs that don't allow cold air in.

    For the bottom half, trousers or a ski suit? While a ski suit keeps the snow out in case of a fall, trousers are more practical!


Don't forget to complete your outfit with all the accessories you need to be ready to enjoy hitting the slopes!
gloves or mittens,
hat, bandeau or ear protectors
big warm boots

The advantage you get with Wed’ze

A garment's breathability is measured in g/sqm/24h: to ensure adequate moisture evacuation, go for a rating of at least 8000 g/sqm/24h. As for waterproofing, that's measured in mm Schmerber: a rating of at least 10 000mm means you'll stay perfectly dry! Freeriders go for 20 000mm, due to the time they spend in powder.

Matthieu ROBERT
Product manager