Quiz: How good a skier are you?


Don't know what to answer when someone asks you how well you can ski? Then take our quiz to help you find out what your level is. Over to you!




Which description matches you best on the slopes?

I'm comfortable on most slopes, but I'm working on my carving technique and trying to improve wherever I can.

I can ski anywhere and everywhere and do skid and carve turns with my eyes shut.

I go at my own pace. I want to get better, but I'm not interested in the hardest slopes.



For you, a typical day's skiing involves:

Going off to freeride as soon as the sun comes up, no matter what the weather. The easy marked runs just aren't for me.
Sticking to the marked slopes, starting out at a normal time and taking it easy…
Trying out the edges of the runs, a quick detour between the trees if I have time, a few jumps in the snowpark if I feel like it . . . In other words, a little bit of everything.

When it's time to head to the snowpark, you feel:

A bit less comfortable than on the slopes, I'm only just starting out. The easy obstacles suit me just fine.
The snowpark? That's my favourite playground! Check out my YouTube channel and watch an expert at work!
Heading to the snowpark? No thanks . . . I'd rather watch other people do it much better than me from behind the fence.

When there are different types of snow, you:

Go pretty much everywhere without too much trouble, as long as I stay on the marked runs.
Stick to the well-prepared slopes, the rest is another story...
Glide along without really noticing the difference—I'm happy with anything so long as I'm skiing!

For you, freeriding means:

It's another world, and I'm quite happy for it to stay that way…

Venturing out onto the edges of the runs and trying to make my mark without going too far.
A dream come true—miles of powder and untested slopes where I feel totally at home.

You feel most comfortable on:

A huge field of obstacles on a sheet of ice, that's heaven…
Big gentle slopes where I can do lots of turns without going too fast.
Quite steep slopes with narrow passages, giving me a mix of turns and fast runs.


For you, the sun terraces are:

For a quick toilet stop, cereal bar and coffee, and then off we go again!
Only after a full day's skiing, until I can get back out there…
A regular haunt, I go at least three times a day; I am on holiday after all!





Now that you've given your answers, it's time to find out how good a skier you are. If you're more:


Your level is "improver"

You like to ski at your own pace without any pressure. You want to get better but without forcing it.


Your level is "advanced"

You can go anywhere without too much trouble, and you've mastered carve turns. But when it comes to the snowpark or going off-piste, you've still got some way to go. In the meantime, work on your thighs.


Your level is "expert"

There's nothing you don't know about skiing. Whether it's powder, obstacles or the snowpark, you tackle difficulties head on . . . which makes your ski time more challenging, and that's just how you like it.


Now that you know your level, you can choose the equipment that's right for you. And there's nothing to stop you from enjoying everything that the winter season has to offer both on- and off-piste. Are you ready to have fun on the snow?