WEDZE Moufles ou gants ?

Mittens or gloves?

Ski gloves and mittens are essential for keeping your hands nice and warm when skiing. Are you undecided between mittens or gloves ? We'll help you better understand the differences so you can make the right choice !


Their main benefit: dexterity! Performing small tasks on the ski slopes is a lot simpler when your fingers are separated : opening your backpack to get something to eat, taking out your camera, carrying your skis to the ski lifts or slipping your hand through your ski pole strap etc.
Today most ski gloves are waterproof and breathable. However, they are not as warm as mittens as your fingers are not in contact with each other and so generate less heat.

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Consider wearing ski liner gloves. They will provide you with additional warmth while maintaining the dexterity associated with ski gloves. There are also touch-screen liner gloves so you can keep your hands warm when you answer the phone or take a photo on your smartphone.


Their main benefit: Warmth! Your fingers are all grouped together which helps generate heat. Children find them easier to put on, particularly as Wed’ze children's mittens have lots of handy features so the little ones can slip them on easily with or without their parents' help.
Of course, mittens are less dexterous than gloves.

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Of course, mittens are less dexterous than gloves.

If you really feel the cold, you can slip some Aptonia hand warmers inside your mittens for guaranteed warmth !

Extra information : Why are your hands cold ?

When it's really cold, the body will divert more blood to the heart and brain rather than the feet and hands. When you feel your fingers becoming numb, move them around and make large circles with your arms to encourage the flow of blood to your hands.

As you will have realised, the choice of mittens or gloves, is all down to personal preference and what matters to you. Accuracy and dexterity for gloves and warmth for mittens.
Which do you choose ?

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