Bien entretenir la veste Reverse

Looking after your reverse ski jacket

Looking after your ski outfit is an important point to retain the technical qualities of your ski clothing.

In order to preserve qualities such as waterproofing and impermeability, you need to follow the washing procedure.

Here are our tips: 


1.    Washing a ski jacket is a process that takes longer than a conventional wash. 

- Use the synthetic programme at 30°C with just a little detergent.
- Perform a second or third rinse to remove the remaining detergent from the previous wash. 

- Spin a second time to help with the next stage - drying. 
 2.  Drying is the most important step to prevent unpleasant odours from arising: 


For the Reverse, we advise against machine drying, but instead leave the jacket in a well ventilated place for several days to dry it thoroughly.

Remember to turn the jacket during the drying phase. 


Tip: Ideally, store the jacket on a hanger and avoid folds, which damage the material's special treatment. 


By following these tips, your ski jacket will retain all its technical qualities from one season to the next !


You can now store it in a dry place, ready for next season.


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