bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze

How to ski spring snow

What is spring snow?

When we say "spring" for the snow, it really has a meaning, it's not only because it has arrived during springtime. Spring snow has its particularities: it will be soft at some point in the day, but can be very hard before that and very often qualified as "soup" after that. This is because this snow will gradually soften under the sun and the rising temperatures in the course of the day, while it freezes again at night. Very enjoyable if you go skiing at the right time, not too soon but not too late, spring snow can offer you the best time ever on the slopes!


bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze



how to ski spring snow?

Sun and rising temperatures will alter the quality of spring snow throughout the day.



on the slopes

bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze

If you are an early bird, watch out for the frozen slopes... Our advice? Maintain a steady stance leaning on your down ski and avoiding to turn or skid abruptly.

Let's put it simply: go easy on your skis in order to handle the "ice rink" effect of spring snow early in the morning. Well sharpened edges will be your best allies in those conditions.

Once the snow starts to unfreeze, you will find yourself on a very pleasant soft snow that will make you feel like a world champion.

When skiing later in the afternoon, be more souple on your skis and don't push too hard, bend your knees, keep the chest up, and make sure you'll put your weight on both your skis, allowing you to ski in a lighter way.



nos conseils pour bien skier la neige de printemps by wed'ze



bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze

When going off piste, the snow will be more compact than in winter, with more floatability. The important thing for you will be to find the right balance on your skis, not too set back like in a very light powder snow, and putting sufficient weight on each ski to manoeuver as you wish.


Tempted by this adventure? accompanied by a mountain professional, seize the day and discover what spring skiing can offer in a beautiful awakening nature.


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bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze

At the end of the day, the melting snow gets heavier and you will find it harder to get speed. Something you will need to tae into account if you want to hit the snowpark. Start from higher, or know that you will not get as high as on a colder snow with more speed.


When you say less speed you also say less risks. So why not go for freestyling then? This would be the best time to try out something new and experience new sensations.


conseils et astuces pour bien skier la neige de printemps


how about ski touring?

bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze

Spring is the ideal time for ski touring: your skins will easily grip on the spring snow due to its particular quality, the temperatures are higher and you'll get the best opportunities to watch Nature thrive and get a glimpse of marmots, mountain goats... So many good reasons for you to go ski touring and enjoy the snow while it's still there.


The good news? You won't need any ski lift or ski pass! The whole point of ski touring being to go to quiet places, avoid the crowd and discover new horizons, make sure you stay safe: get all the informations on weather and snow conditions when planning your day, also get a professional to go with you and pack your bag with all your safety equipment. The snow will be compact and have more floatability than in winter. As when freeriding, put your weight on both your skis to find the right balance and enjoy this spring snow.


the gear

Fart Chaud



Spring snow is hotter and has a different quality than winter snow, it will grip more on your soles, so you'll need to use a "hot" wax, with a yellow or orange color, that will be efficient more rapidly thant a traditional wax.






bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze


As for the skis, look for balance. Wide enough but not too much, not too long or too short. Versatile skis, often in all-mountain range, will bring you the right balance and stability to enjoy this spring snow.



Wed'ze's tip

Sun block, ski goggles and a bottle of water
will be your best friends during those hot spring skiing days.

bien skier la neige de printemps astuces wed'ze


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