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How to take care of your H 300 ski helmet ?

Your H300 ski helmet allows you to enjoy the ski slopes safely. To continue to benefit of its comfort and its protection over time, it is important to take good care of it during your ski trip and also by the end of the season.


- Daily care 


Your helmet's care is a piece of cake. At the end of your days on ski slopes, always think to dry well your ski helmet before putting it away in it protective cover. If still wet, even lightly, the moisture will not go away and will prevent your helmet to dry which may compromise your comfort and cause bad odours' appearance.


Make sure to also avoid impacts when going back to your accommodation and in general to preserve the efficiency of your helmet.



- Maintenance care by the end of the season :


We recommend you to wash the cap of your ski helmet (internal foam part). For this, all you need is to take off the part attached to the hull of your ski helmet to wash at 30° in a washing machine. Then air dry it well before repositioning it back.


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To put back the cap in your helmet, simply place inside using the fasteners making sure the cap is not overflowing.


You can also wipe it on the external part of the helmet. Then, use a lightly wet sponge to wash the protective foams of the ears.


With these simple steps, you can preserve you helmet even longer and avoid bad odours  when storing at the end of the season.




Bien entretenir son casque



Important : It is recommended to replace your ski helmet if it has suffered an impact even if not visible. As a matter of fact, after an impact, its efficiency risks are to diminish.In general, we recommend you to renew your helmet every 5 years because the elements (UV, moisture...) and wearing by using it diminish its efficiency.


You now know how to take care well care of your ski helmet. It is now ready to be stored until the next season !



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