WEDZE Bien rester au chaud sur les pistes

How to stay warm on the ski slopes?


To keep your hands and feet nice and warm, it's important to keep your head covered! Odd, don't you think? When the conditions are extremely cold, the body will divert more blood to the heart and brain rather than the feet and hands. So keeping your head warm will ensure that more blood gets to your fingers and toes!

Keeping nice and warm when you're hurtling down the slopes: supreme comfort. Impossible, you say? Not if you read our tips and advice which will ensure you have a fun day snowboarding even if the elements are against you.

The 3 layers

To ensure your body is always at the right temperature, even when you're exercising: focus on the three layers.

A thermal base layer, as a first layer to provide heat and wick away perspiration
A high-tech mid-layer or softshell®, as a second layer to provide additional heat.
Finally, for your third layer, to protect yourself against external elements and wick away moisture produced by a body in motion, you need a jacket which is waterproof, windproof but also breathable.

To sum up, these three layers will keep you nice and warm but without creating a "sauna" effect.

A few tips

Today's smart clothing is watertight, breathable and boasts a host of accessories and technical innovations that will simplify your life such as ventilation zips and hoods which are designed to allow you to wear a helmet… And to prevent drafts once and for all, the buff is a multi-purpose accessory that can be used as a neck warmer or a headband. The most stylish look on the slopes, and off!

Something extra for snowboarders

the snow skirt that you can attach to trousers which will help keep your lower back nice and warm every time you bend over to step back into or adjust your bindings. Which prevents unwanted snow from getting in when you fall over as well as powder…

And what about your extremities?

So now you're all kitted out, ready to brave the cold and make the most of your days on your snowboard. But hold on a moment… Have you thought about your extremities? Our feet, hands and head are the most vulnerable parts of our body and so are the most important to protect.

  • Your head

    This is the first place directly exposed to the cold. If you wear a helmet then you won't have to think about keeping warm and if you're worried that you're going to be too hot, then chose a helmet with ventilation and removable lining. So with your head nice and warm, and protected against blows, nothing can stop you!

  • Your hands

    When you're snowboarding, your hands are often in the snow, and you take your gloves off to make it easier to put on/take off your boots. Do you want a tip from a pro? Wear liner gloves. Whether you prefer mittens, which are often warmer, or gloves, liner gloves will help keep your hands warm and provide maximum freedom and dexterity.

  • Your feet

    Our advice? High-tech socks, reinforced in sensitive areas such as your toes, which wick away perspiration, will keep you and your feet happy.

You now have all the information you need to enjoy a warm winter, riding the slopes and terrain parks on your snowboard, with a smile on your face!

Matthieu ROBERT
Product manager
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