Bien régler son casque

How to set my ski helmet properly ?

To fully enjoy your vacation in complete safety, it is important to wear systematically your ski helmet and to adjust it to your head. Wearing your ski helmet correctly is essential and allows people of all ages to hit the slopes safely.


Here is the list of points to respect to wear efficiently your ski helmet :


The tightening screw :

To start, it is important that your helmet is stable, like a second set of skin; it must follow the moving of your head without hindering. It must not fall on the forehead nor on the neck.The tightening must simply prevent the helmet from moving, without stroking you!

For most of our helmets, it is the tightening screw situated at the rear of the helmet that allows keeping the helmet balanced.


Bien régler son casque



- The tightening of the jugular :

Adjust the strap of your helmet reasonably to keep the helmet's balance even in case of falling or an impact. You must be able to pass one finger between the strap and your chin. Make sure to keep the strap under the chin; especially for children who tend to put the strap on the chin or the mouth.


Réglage de la mentonnière


* Did you know ? * All Wed'ze helmets and masks are conceived to be worn together in order to prevent freezing on the forehead when skiing.The helmet's curve fits with the mask, from conception they were thought together to make your practice more pleasant. We recommend you, when buying a new mask, to always have your helmet with you to verify the compatibility of both elements.


Important : On some helmets, the cap (inside of the foam helmet) is removable to help in the washing process. Therefore, it must be imperatively present during the activity to guarantee comfort and optimal  balance!


Tip for the H300 : The button situated on top of your helmet allows shutting the 4 front air vents of the helmet in one single move! You can regulate the air flow and avoid being too warm or too cold during your day on the slopes.

By following these two setting points your helmet protects you efficiently during your days on the slopes.


Do not forget to be careful and respect elementary safety rules on the ski slopes.


Enjoy skiing!

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