Comment bien préparer votre matériel WEDZE

How to prepare your equipment


Leaving soon for the mountains? It's time to take your equipment out of the closet. But do you know how to prepare and maintain it? Read all the tips from our expert, Yves Rocquet, workshop technician, to make your first descent an unforgettable memory.

Did you follow the golden rules before storing your equipment at the end of last season? This is the first question to ask yourself! 

The end-of-season golden rules:

- Drying: Dry your equipment well with a soft cloth
- Waxing: Apply a thick layer of wax to protect the base, a process called end of season maintenance
- Storage: Store your equipment in a protective case and in a dry place


For equipment prepared at the end of the season:

If you have followed these rules, then grinding/waxing at the start of the season is enough. Start by removing the excess wax layer using a spatula, then sharpen the edges, and wax and shine the base with a synthetic cloth for optimal slide.


For equipment simply stored at the end of the season

If you haven't yet adopted the right end-of-season habits, don't panic! You'll just need to allow a bit more time to freshen up your equipment!



How to prepare your equipment


  • 1 - Repairing the base.

    First of all, check the state of the base. If it isn't smooth and you notice holes or scratches, it is essential to plug them up with an overmould to keep water from getting into the structure of the ski or snowboard.

  • 2 – Sanding and grinding the edges.

    Next, if there are traces of rust on your edges and that part feels rough, you need to sand with stone in addition to grinding, particularly because early-season snow is often hard.

  • 3 – Adjusting the bindings.

    Finally, for your safety, it is crucial to adjust your bindings based on your weight, age, and level of skill!

Don't forget, maintenance allows you to preserve the performance and quality of your skis and snowboards. To fully enjoy snow sports, we recommend maintenance at least once per year. If you have any doubts, go to a Decathlon Workshop technician!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments for this article. I will be sure to answer them personally.


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Yves Rocquet (UK)
Decathlon Workshop Technician