WEDZE La sécurité sur les pistes

How to enjoy the first snows safely

Your first ski holiday is approaching and you can't wait to get back to all the joys of the snow. Are you champing at the bit, eager to hurtle down the slopes? Well don't get ahead of yourself, and remember you're not alone! With this handy guide, your return will be a pleasure... and a safe one.

Our tips for a safe and happy return on the slopes

On the slopes, take your time

After a short warm-up to prevent muscle injuries, you're ready to go. Once you're on the slopes, what's the hurry? The day is all yours! And to ease you back into the fun gently, there's nothing like one or two easy runs to get you started. The odd break now and then will let you enjoy your day to the full, adjust your boots till they're just right and stay hydrated, which is essential.

Relax after a day skiing

Once the day is over, the après-ski is a time to relax. For the more serious among us, some stretching won't go amiss. Enjoy a hot bath or shower to relax the muscles you've been using all day. And once you've enjoyed the fine mountain cuisine, a good night's sleep will help you recover and minimise accumulated fatigue - a significant cause of accidents.

Safety on the slopes

As far as safety on the slopes is concerned, Gregory Dieu, ski patroller for 13 years in the resort of La Clusaz, reminds us of the basic rules:

The rules on the slopes

"The ski area is a public place, so you have to think as much about your own safety as that of others. Here, in a nutshell, is what you can do to consider the safety of everyone:

  • Adapt your speed

    Depending on your level and how often you use the slopes, so you can stop smoothly when needed. The more people there are, the more vigilant we must be.

  • Wear a helmet

    In all circumstances, whatever your age and level. By personal experience, I can tell you that helmets save lives.

  • Go for personal protective safety equipment

    Back protectors, ski goggles, 'air bags' and the triple avalanche victim detector-shovel-probe. Snowboarders, remember your wrist protectors!

My personal tips

Come to see us!

We are professional and we're here to help you: we will help you choose a route convenient for the whole family, we put weather reports at your disposal and tell you about the avalanche risk, especially for off-piste fans. Prevention is better than cure!

Take a bag of treats!

Always carry a backpack with clothes (change or extra jacket), something to keep you hydrated, enough sun protection and a chocolate bar for your comfort as much as for any small bouts of tiredness."

Well equipped and fully informed, you're ready to take on the winter and enjoy the slopes in all confidence!


Thierry PAULIN
Product manager