Bien habiller mon enfant au ski

How to dress your child to go skiing ?

Do you know the 3 layer rule? To dress your child to go skiing, they need to have the proper clothing to fully enjoy their day on the slopes.


The 3 layer rule:


The Reverse ski jacket is a topcoat with an "anorak" cut. In addition, it's important to combine it with "salopette" trousers to avoid any heat loss, but also reduce snow getting in in case of falls or in light powder.

To complete your child's ski outfit, you should ideally combine it with two technical layers that act intelligently when out skiing: 

- A first layer called the "second skin" that brings warmth and comfort while wicking away perspiration released by the body during exercise.

- A second layer which has an insulating role, retaining warm air around the body and creating a thermal barrier for protection from the cold. 


Finally, the Reverse (layer 3) is the "protective layer", providing protection from the weather.


Example of a 3-layer outfit:

Panoplie kids

In addition to these 3 layers covering the upper body, it's important to keep the extremities warm; the feet, hands and head are the most exposed parts of the body.


If you want to maximise your child's comfort and be certain their feet and hands are warm, it's important to cover their head!  Strange, you may think? When it's really cold, the body supplies blood to the heart and brain as a priority, at the expense of the feet and hands. So keeping your head warm helps maintain the blood supply to the extremities! To achieve this, the best option is to wear a helmet that will provide warmth and safety.


Tip : The Reverse has a special pass pocket on the left sleeve when you wear the jacket "print" side out. That will be really useful when using a chairlift.


Bien habiller mon enfant au ski


Now that you've got all our tips for dressing your child, you can go and enjoy the slopes together !

Enjoy your skiing!