How to keep your feet warm when skiing advice wed'ze

How do you keep your feet warm?

Having cold feet can immediately ruin your day on the slopes. To keep your feet warm this winter, I have made a small list of things to consider. It's over to you!


conseils pieds chauds au ski WED'ZE


Warm and suitable equipmentconseils pieds chauds au ski WED'ZE


*It all begins with socks. Choose technical ski sock models (synthetic) which, despite their fineness, perfectly wick away perspiration and keep feet warm. For those who feel the cold, silk undersocks are perfect in terms of providing warmth and comfort.


*For additional warmth under the foot, you can also use a genuine source of heat which remains always with you: heated soles. The best comfort when skiing!


*Heating creams available in pharmacies simultaneously hydrate your feet and provide a burst of heat when putting on ski boots or at the end of the day.


Small tip: a spare pair of socks in your backpack.


Correctly fastened and correct-fitting bootsconseils pieds chauds au ski WED'ZE


Are you aware that the choice of ski boot as well as the way it is fastened are important elements? With thick soles to protect from the cold, a size and shape suited to the morphology of your foot, you have the winning combination enabling you to keep feet nice and warm when skiing. Think about the size just as much as the support: in any case, your ski boots must not squash your feet, both across the width or thickness.


Do you want to find out more, require more information? Refer to our article, how to correctly select ski boots to find the correct pair for you.


In terms of fastening, you must ensure the foot is supported however avoid constricting circulation and ending up with ice-cold feet.


Correct action: move!conseils pieds chauds au ski WED'ZE


Do your feet go numb when you feel the cold? There is nothing better than moving to get the blood pumping, which in turn, provides warmth.


You can decide to or sometimes:

- wiggle toes in your boots

- swing your legs backwards and forwards before putting on the ski boots

- jump on the spot from one foot to the other

- stop and have a hot chocolate or hot tea, as much for your own pleasure, as for your feet!


comment garder les pieds chauds sur les pistes de ski


With suitable socks, correctly selected and well-fastened boots, some good tips on avoiding feeling cold, you will have to find another excuse to take that break. Are you ready for endless fun on the slopes?

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader