choisir vos gants de ski pour des mains bien au chaud : nos conseils Wed'ze

How do I select ski gloves or mittens?

Gloves or mittens for skiing or snowboarding? Which size to choose? Which criteria should I consider? Discover all our recommendations in order to select the correct pair when needed.


The selection of ski gloves or mittens is based upon 4 criteria: warmth provided, practicality, the size and waterproofing.

1 - Warmth provided

The warmth provided is the primary criteria when selecting a pair of ski and snowboard gloves or mittens.


Gloves or mittens, each model serves a specific purpose in terms of outdoor temperature, use and warmth provided. This information is written on the sign in the store or the product description at . You will find the recommended temperature, hence the temperature for which the product was designed.


Mittens have the added advantage of keeping fingers together and therefore keeping in more heat.


bien choisir ses gants ou moufles pour l'apport de chaleur

2 - Convenience

Once you have established the use, if you want something practical, your selection will point you, quite logically, towards a pair of gloves. To enable natural movement on the slopes and lifts, such as opening a bag, holding poles or skis when entering ski lifts, gloves are a better idea, and they also provide a good level of warmth.


If you prioritise warmth over practicality, do not hesitate to select the mittens.


bien choisir ses gants ou moufles pour la praticité avec wed'ze

3 - The size

Size is an important criteria when selecting ski gloves or mittens. The pair selected must not squash fingers, restrict blood circulation and consequently leave you feeling colder. The ideal size provides for a thin layer of air between your hand and the glove lining for optimal breathability to wick away perspiration and retain the warmth. Please note that some glove and mitten models adjust to the wrist size with a velcro fastener, so they are not too tight yet do not let the cold in.


choisir la bonne taille de gants ou moufles de ski avec wed'ze

4 - Waterproofing

Wed’ze ski and snowboard gloves and mittens also protect from the cold with their waterproofing. With a reasonably long usage period, different coating thicknesses can withstand different degrees of snow and protect from the effects of the wind; select the model which is most suitable to your use and warmth requirements.


choisir ses gants ou moufles de ski : l'imperméabilité


W’ed'ze tips: Don't forget to take a pair of liner gloves.

They add 2 to 3 degrees of additional warmth to gloves, but also manage humidity by absorbing it to prevent hands from getting cold when resting (ski lift, meals, waiting on the slopes). Liner gloves dry more easily than the glove lining, so they are nice and dry when setting of after a meal break.

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader