comment choisir la bonne taille de chaussures de ski

How do I choose the correct ski boots size?

The ski boots are essential to feel comfortable and confident when skiing by providing good ski control and holding your feet tight enough. But they often pose a problem: how do I choose the correct size? Follow the guide!


bien choisir ses chaussures de ski

Correctly selecting ski boot sizes


Do you know that ski boot sizes are measured in Mondopoint?  You must therefore convert your size using the matching chart below to identify your size.


Women ski boots:


Europe 35 36 36,5 37 / 37,5 38 39 39,5 40 41,5 42
Mondopoint 22 22,5 23 23,5 24 24,5 25 25,5 26 26,5

Men ski boots:


Europe 39 40 41 42 43 / 43,5 44 44,5 45 46 47 48 49
Mondopoint 24,5 25,5 26 27 27,5 28 28,5 29 29,5 30 31 31,5

Junior ski boots:


Europe 26 27,5 28 29 29,5 / 30 31 31,5
/ 32
32,5 33 34 / 34,5 35
Mondopoint 16,5 17,5 18 18,5 19 19,5 20 20,5 21 21,5 22


trouver sa taille de chaussure de ski


It is also essential to try on the ski boots. You can follow these steps:


1 - Put on the ski socks you usually wear when skiing.


2 - Put on the ski boots and fasten the buckles on the middle of the rack. If you go further than that and tighten more, then it means that the shoe volume is not correct.


3 - Stand up straight, you should be able to touch the tip of the shell.


la bonne taille de chaussure de ski

Warning: if you don't touch the bottom of the shoe at all,

then you need to downsize!


4 - Bend 3 times pressing firmly on the shin bone (place hands on knees to help you) so that the heel moves back into the boot. The foot moves back and you should no longer be able to touch the end of the boot with your tiptoe.


des chaussures de ski à la bonne taille

Warning: if your toes still touch the end of the shoe,

then you need to take one size up.


choisir taille chaussure de ski


Correctly selecting ski boot volume



In order to select the correct ski boots, it is not just a question of size, the volume est aussi important. is also important. Various parameters come into question such as the foot width. This can be measured in Decathlon stores:



*Narrow select a shell width of 100 mm
*Medium (standard) select a shell width of 102 mm
*Wide (large) select a shell width of 104 mm


Additionally, other elements also contribute to the selection of ski boot size: ankle issues, well-developed calves, particularly high instep…


Do not hesitate to spend a few minutes putting on the boots and completing as many movements as possible. This size or pair is incorrect should you feel any discomfort or pain. Decathlon salespersons can help you and offer advice to find the ski boots for your feet.


We hope that this article will help you to correctly select your ski boot size!


Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader