bien entretenir sa veste de ski

How to correctly maintain your ski jacket ?

Looking after your ski suit is important to uphold the technical qualities of ski items.

The down wadding of the suit requires specific maintenance. We recommend paying specific attention and thoroughly drying the feathers to uphold the technical qualities of your ski suit.

Our advice:



1.    Washing a ski suit is a long process and takes longer than a traditional washing operation.

  • Use a synthetic 30°C cycle with a little detergent and 2 white tennis balls (or similar).
  • Complete a second or third rinsing cycle to ensure you remove all the washing detergent from the previous wash.
  • Do an extra spin for easier drying.

If you have a white jacket, be careful not to mix it with coloured items which risk bleeding onto the jacket.


2.  Drying is the most important step to avoid the emergence of bad odours:

  • With tumble dryer: Tumble-dry your ski jacket on a soft or delicate cycle, with 2 tennis balls to air the down. Run several cycles to ensure the garment is dry. Between each cycle, fluff up the down to remove any lumps formed during washing.
  • Without tumble dryer: The process takes longer (drying takes between 1 and 2 weeks laid down flat in a dry place). You must fluff up the ski jacket to avoid lumps forming (at least 4-5 times).

Follow our tips to uphold the technical qualities of the ski jacket from one season to the next! It can now be stored (on a hanger) in a dry place until the next season.

Product manager