comment bien choisir les fixs de snowboard


Essential parts of the board, the bindings ensure effective gliding and snowboard control, while also providing support and comfort.


les fixations de snowboard : comment les choisir ?


Description of snowboard bindings

Firstly, discover what snowboard bindings are composed of.


  • A spoiler
    A base
    Buckles that attach to bars, allowing a precise adjustment 

  • Foam cushioning pads
    Straps: on the ankle and the toes
    A gas pedal for a good snowboard control 

  • A part allowing the spoiler incline adjusment, situated at the back of the spoiler
  • A disc that attaches the binding to the board thanks to screws, and that allows you to adjust your stance









Correctly choosing snowboard bindings

There are 2 families of bindings:


the traditional bindings

a classic instep strap + a toe strap which provides very good support.

Variant with cap strap: a front strap which covers toes (front and above toes). The great advantage of a cap strap is the high level of comfort, whilst supporting the front of the foot just as much as a classic strap.

By tightening the cap strap, the shoe is held upwards whilst it moves fully back into the binding. It is perfect for reducing the chance of feet overhanging the board.


  • The traditional front strap that comes over your foot near your toes

  • Thr front strap "cap strap" that comes over your toes


snap bindings

with front entry or wide and unique instep strap.

The plus points? Quick to slip on and memorised adjustment (simply adjust once), greatly appreciated!


  • The rear entry bindings: the spoiler goes down so you just have to slip your foot into it

  • The side entry bindings: slip your foot by the side and buckle up with one hand. handy!


Choosing the size of your snowboard bindings

The choice of binding size is based upon your shoe size. An indicative equivalent is provided for each binding. For example L = 8 1/2 to 14 1/2. This binding is a size L and is suitable for shoe sizes 8 1/2 to 14 1/2.

Just like we normally try on snowboard boots to pick the correct size, we recommend trying on your bindings with your snowboard boots to get the correct size.


Good luck with your choice of bindings. Have a good season!


choisir ses fixations de snowboard

Philippe TIERCIN
Product manager