WEDZE Choisir les skis de votre enfant

How to choose the right skis for your child

Kitting out a child for winter sports can sometimes be a challenge. What length skis do you choose? Which bindings? What style? There are two main criteria to take into consideration: their size and level. Check out our tips on how to kit out your budding champions!

Small skis for adult-style skiing!

Is your child a novice?
Then opt for short, flexible skis that are easier to manoeuvre. Controlled sliding means that he'll quickly find his feet, without feeling afraid. To be more precise, you should choose skis that are 5 to 15 cm shorter than your child. .

The more progress your child makes, the longer his skis can be. The aim? For your child to continue to progress so that by the time he reaches adulthood, his skis are as tall as him. If he is 1.3 m tall, then choose skis that are between 1.15 m (for a beginner) and 1.25 m.

What shape skis should you choose for a child?

A few years ago, traditional, straight skis were really the only option. Today, a skier has a choice of different shapes and lengths etc. and it's not always easy to understand!

But, don't worry, the shape of your child's skis doesn't really matter very much when they're starting out. He''ll have time to decide on his preference once he's king of the slopes! However, in the last few years, there's been a trend in junior skis for: the tip "rocker". These are skis whose tip rises off the ground earlier than the tip of a "traditional" ski. This technology makes it much easer to manoeuvre the skis when turning while maintaining a perfect grip.

Traditional camber

Tip rocker

Boots, poles, helmet etc. the range of ski accessories

OK, that's sorted. So have you got your skis? It's now time to look at other outfit essentials. The first of these? Ski boots of course! Once your child's feet have been measured, remove the sock liner and place his foot on top of it. A 1 cm gap is the most you should allow to ensure you have good support.

When it comes to ski poles, go for a telescopic model : it means you'll avoid having to buy a new pair every year… Adjusting the pole is easy: turn the pole around; position your child's hand under the basket. The elbow needs to form a right angle. If the angle is greater, then the pole is too small!

On the slopes: Safety first!

Sometimes we forget, but the bindings are extremely important. it's what connects the boot to the ski and then releases the boot when you fall. For the safety of your learner skier, it's best to leave adjustment of bindings to a professional!

A helmet has also become an essential item on the slopes. Get your child to try it on at the same time as his goggles; you can't have one without the other. And for added safety ..? Make him strap on a protection dorsale.


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